Passing the Mantle

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Passing the Mantle

Develop and realise the value from your business asset

It’s no secret, the baby boomer bulge is real and business succession is becoming a key issue for many business owners.  You’ve worked hard to build a substantial business, however, is it structured effectively for the future?  Do you have a strategic position someone wants to buy?   Are you able to demonstrate future value in your company?  Is your business able to operate under management independently of you?

Learn how to structure your business for future succession and put
you, your team, and your key stakeholders in a position of greater choice.

Among other things, you will learn:

  •        How to increase the value of your business
  •        Engaging your team to structure the business for succession
  •        Creating a vision that attracts potential acquirers
  •        Why succession is a process, not an event
  •        Creating a discipline to make role succession a consistent business process
  •        Succession in a family business
  •        Getting out of the way

Engage Your Team

The workshop is most beneficial when attended by Business Owners/CEO’s alongside their 2IC or senior management who understand the need to structure the business to operate independently of individuals.

For the past 23 years, Advisory.Works® have worked with thousands of companies across the world, helping businesses not satisfied with the status quo to create and execute a strategy to achieve real business growth through key people.  Executive Director Simon Mundell will present a thought provoking and insightful workshop on increasing the value of your business.

This opportunity is guaranteed to provide a dose of business rejuvenation that will be an asset to any organisation.


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