Your Business - Unleashed

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Your Business - Unleashed

It's no secret, the baby boomer bulge is real and business succession is becoming a key issue for many business owners.  You've worked hard to build a substantial business, however, is it structured effectively for the future?

Is your business able to operate under management independently of you?  Do you have a strategic position someone wants to buy?  Are you able to demonstrate future value in your company?

Learn how to structure your business for future succession and put you, your team, and your key stakeholders in a position of greater choice.

Among other things, you will learn:

  •      Getting your business under management
  •      Increasing the value of your business
  •      Creating an ownership mentality
  •      Maintaining control of your business
  •      Creating an advisory board
  •      Turning your business into a valuable lifelong asset
  •      Creating a vision that attracts potential acquirers
  •      Bringing in investment capital and taking money off the table
  •      How to have total confidence in your management team, even when you're out-of-the-way
For the past 26 years, Advisory.Works have worked with thousands of companies; helping businesses not satisfied with the status quo to create and execute a strategy to achieve growth and strategic value.  Founder, Simon Mundell, will present a thought provoking and insightful workshop on providing you with greater choice.  Simon's workshops consistently rate 9+/10. 

This opportunity is guaranteed to provide a dose of business rejuvenation, we promise you and your leadership team an enjoyable event.


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