Advisory.Works presents Profit Mastery with Steve LeFever

Thursday, 17 October 2019

   Advisory.Works presents Profit Mastery with Steve LeFever

Why ​Profit ​Mastery? 

Starting ​and ​running ​a ​business ​is ​always ​a ​challenge, ​given ​the ​failure ​rate ​of ​50-70% ​in ​the ​first ​four ​years. ​ ​The ​economic ​volatility ​of ​the ​last ​few ​years ​has ​only ​increased ​that ​challenge. 

Profit ​Mastery ​is ​a ​leading ​financial ​management ​program ​that ​gives ​participants ​the ​tools ​and ​confidence ​needed ​to ​manage ​their ​businesses ​by ​the ​numbers. ​ ​The ​program ​provides ​independent ​business ​owners ​unparalleled ​financial ​perspective ​and ​tools ​to ​take ​advantage ​of ​opportunities. ​ ​Starting ​and ​running ​a ​business ​without ​Profit ​Mastery ​is ​like ​setting ​out ​for ​an ​unfamiliar ​destination ​without ​a ​road ​map. ​ ​You'll ​be ​introduced ​to ​invaluable ​management ​resources ​that ​should ​be ​part ​of ​every ​business ​owner's ​tool ​kit. ​ ​You ​will ​laugh ​too, ​we ​promise! 


This two-day case-study driven program turns ordinary financial statements into powerful financial intelligence.  You'll be introduced to the "Scorecard", the "Road May", the "Cups and the "Gap.  And you'll be able to apply these tools immediately.


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Payment Instructions

  • $895 + GST per person 

    Payments can be made by Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) or by Direct Credit.
    Direct Debit payments will be accepted if facility already exists with Advisory.Works.

    Once registered, Corrina Rore from Advisory.Works will be in touch with you to arrange your preferred payment option. 
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