FAWQC E2 Fund Grant Application

FAWQC E2 Fund Grant Application

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FAWQC Environmental Education (E2) Fund

What is the FAWQC E2 Fund? 
The FAWQC E2 Fund was established to promote environmental education. FAWQC awards grants for environmental projects at Florida schools, civic, or community organizations, and sponsors awards at Florida science fairs. Funding for E2 Fund grants and science fair award sponsorships originate from donations and FAWQC event proceeds. 

What is an E2 Fund Grant? 
The E2 Fund grants are awarded annually to schools and civic/community organizations in the State of Florida. The grant applications are evaluated based on the proposed project’s overall environmental value as to:
1. Fostering awareness and understanding of a water-related issue (e.g., water cycle, pollution, water conservation, etc.);
2. Being cost effective (e.g., utilizing existing or donated materials, materials that can be re-used, etc.);
3. Basing the project on sound science principles (e.g. State or Federal learning resources, Standard Operating Procedures, scientific methods, etc.;
4. Promoting involvement of students or citizens including the expected number of students/citizens that will be directly impacted by the project and how they will be impacted (e.g., data collection, measurements, presentations, demonstrations, posters, workshops, etc.); and,
5. Promoting enhancement of a water resource or associated habitat (e.g. innovative ideas to solve a water-related problem, application of environmental concepts, environmental signage, etc.).

Who can apply for an E2 Grant?
Schools, civic, or community organizations may apply for an E2 Grant. A project manager must be identified with each application.

What is the maximum Grant awarded per project? 
In general, individual project budgets should not exceed $1,000.  However, exceptional outreach projects in excess of $1,000 may be considered from time to time. Please contact FAWQC (see below for contact info) prior to applying for a larger grant.

What is the deadline for applying for the E2 Grant? 
The deadline for grant applications is October 15. FAWQC will meet in the fall to review grant applications and grants should be distributed to the selected recipients toward the end of the calendar year.

How do I apply for the Grant? 
Complete this online application.  Your project proposal should address each of the above five numbered requirements.


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Terms and Conditions

If awarded an E2 Fund Grant, I agree that grant monies will only be used for the purchase of goods and/or services necessary for implementation and completion of  the approved E2 Project and that, if requested by FAWQC, I will provide documentation (e.g., receipts, work orders) demonstrating that grant monies were used in that manner.  If awarded an E2 Fund Grant, I also understand that I may be asked to provide a written report, poster, or video presentation regarding the approved E2 Project prior to June 1.

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