Request Form - TOGAF 8 Cert Pre-Course Add-On (requires TOGAF 9 course registrat...

Request Form - TOGAF 8 Cert Pre-Course Add-On (requires TOGAF 9 course registration)

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For those who will register for, or are already registered in, an EA Principals TOGAF 9 Level 1 + Level 2 course (ie, one of our 4 day face-to-face or 4-6 day WebEx online courses),  completion of this form requests the optional TOGAF 8 Cert Pre-Course Add-On option. This option is a self-study add-on to our regular full TOGAF 9 course, and involves learning TOGAF 8 through self-study, and completing the questions in a TOGAF 8 workbook,  prior to the TOGAF 9 course. Successful completion of the TOGAF 8 workbook allows EA Principals (in conjunction with The Open Group) to award you TOGAF 8 certification. As a result of adding this pre-course TOGAF 8 option to your TOGAF 9 course, you can become certified in both TOGAF 8 and TOGAF 9, be marketable and knowledgeable in both versions of the standard, and achieve all this with a shorter, fully open-book single exam approach that is not available when seeking TOGAF 9 certification alone!

For further details, see our TOGAF 8 Cert Pre-Course Info Sheet (opens in a separate window)

Cost of this option: $295, payable to EA Principals (this cost will be added to the invoice of your TOGAF 9 Course registration), plus an optional  $45 TOGAF 8 Study Guide purchase (we highly recommend this study guide and  provide instructions for purchasing the study guide online from a commercial e-book vendor)

Make your request for this TOGAF 8 Pre-Course Add-On by completing and submitting this brief form.... Start below:

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Terms and Conditions
By submitting this request, I understand that I also must register for one of EA Principals' TOGAF 9 Combined Level 1 + Level 2 courses (these are 4 days or longer, available in both face-to-face classroom or live online formats), and I also agree that the cost for this TOGAF 8 Course Add-On will be added to my TOGAF 9 Course registration invoice and be paid for by the payment method selected in the TOGAF 9 registration. I understand that this additional cost will not be reflected immediately in my TOGAF 9 course registration invoice, as it will be added as a manual adjustment by EA Principals at some point after my TOGAF 9 course registration is initially completed. I also understand that a TOGAF 8 Study Guide, although optional, is highly recommended; this optional study guide may be purchased from a commercial vendor to support the TOGAF 8 pre-course work (available online for $45 in e-book form; this optional study guide cost is in addition to the $295 Add-on option price).
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