Summer 2013 Leadership Institute Application

Summer 2013 Leadership Institute Application

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Please click here to access our new registration form to apply to the Summer 2015 Leadership Institute!
For additional information on the Institute, please click here and on the “Details for Applicants and Participants” button to the left on that page. Please complete and submit the form below by the due date. Applicants will be notified of their status within a few weeks of the closing date for applications.

Once you submit this application, confirmation of our receipt of the application will be sent to you electronically. We recommend that you copy and paste the questions below that require longer responses into a word processing document so you can draft and save your responses. You can then copy the text into this electronic application. This will assure you do not lose your work.

Questions requiring longer responses:

These questions are listed here so you can copy and paste to a word processing document to draft your responses. These questions are repeated within the application below. You should paste your responses in the spaces below to submit.

Your History: including, number of years in field, the various jobs you have held, the number of years you have been with your current organization; and your role in your current organization.

Your Organization: Please describe your organization’s mission, the types of services that are provided, and your organization’s philosophy and goals. If you work for only one division of your agency, provide general organization-wide information and more specific information about your division.

Your Future: Please describe where you see yourself professionally in five years.

The Field’s Future:Assume you are in charge of the changes that will take place for people with disabilities and their families over the next ten years. Don’t worry about what’s possible to accomplish within current funding limits or in this amount of time you have a magic wand at your assist! What is your vision? If you could design the changes for people with disabilities and their families, what changes would you have made ten years from now?

Interest Statement: In a few paragraphs, please describe why you are interested in attending the Leadership Institute and how you feel it will benefit you and your organization.

Plans for Sharing Information and Learning: All participants are required to make a fairly in-depth presentation to a cross-section of representatives/stakeholders of their organizations (administrators, board members, staff at varying levels within the organization, people receiving supports, family members, funders, community members, etc.). You will work on the content and exercises for your presentation during the Institute. Describe preliminary plans for this presentation.

If you have any questions please contact Nancy Weiss at

Registration for this event is closed.

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