Solo Practice Seminar Series - Attorney Entrepreneur: Your Practice Means Busine...

Tampa, Florida
Friday, November 01, 2013

Solo Practice Seminar Series - Attorney Entrepreneur: Your Practice Means Business

Friday, November 01, 2013 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Stetson Univeristy College of Law
1700 North Tampa Street
Tampa, Florida 33602
United States

Phone: 727-562-7312, Email:
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The ​Attorney ​Entrepreneur ​workshop ​is ​a ​primer ​for ​attorneys ​contemplating ​opening ​a ​practice ​or ​a ​refresher ​for ​attorneys ​in ​practice ​for ​less ​than ​two ​years. ​The ​presentations ​will ​explain ​how ​to ​set ​up ​a ​law ​practice, ​manage ​the ​back ​office, ​and ​develop ​a ​marketing ​strategy ​for ​a ​target ​market. ​ ​Topics ​include ​developing ​a ​financial ​plan ​for ​the ​attorney ​to ​accompany ​a ​business ​plan ​when ​starting ​or ​expanding ​a ​practice. ​ ​The ​segment ​on ​setting ​up ​or ​establishing ​or ​expanding ​a ​practice ​will ​include ​a ​discussion ​of ​the ​funding ​resources ​that ​are ​available. ​Outsourcing ​utilization ​includes ​topics ​on ​legal ​trends ​for ​outsourcing ​and ​ethical ​considerations. ​ ​Learning ​objectives ​include: ​(1) ​Create ​a ​business ​plan ​accompanied ​by ​a ​financial ​plan ​to ​manage ​the ​practice ​until ​it ​is ​self-supporting; ​(2) ​Identify ​research ​sources ​to ​identify ​a ​target ​market; ​(3) ​Develop ​marketing ​strategies ​in ​a ​digital ​world; ​(4) ​Develop ​a ​referral ​resource ​team ​to ​build ​the ​practice; ​(5) ​Identify ​when ​a ​human ​versus ​digital ​assistant ​is ​appropriate ​for ​communicating ​with ​prospects ​and ​clients; ​and ​(6) ​Legal ​trends ​and ​ethical ​issues ​for ​outsourcing.
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