PALS Renewal Update HeartCode Part 2 June 17, 2014

Seattle, Washington
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PALS Renewal Update HeartCode Part 2 June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 12:30 PM - 3:45 PM (Pacific Time)

Seattle Children's 70th & Sand Point Way building
6901 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, Washington 98115
United States

Phone: 206/987-5319
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HeartCode ​PALS ​Parts ​1 ​and ​2 ​Online ​and ​In-Class ​PALS ​Course
Who ​is ​it ​best ​for?

The ​American ​Heart ​Association ​2012 ​edition ​online ​HeartCode ​PALS ​Part ​1 ​is ​perfect ​for ​the ​experienced ​pediatric ​healthcare ​provider ​with ​savvy ​computer ​simulation ​skills ​who ​has ​class-time ​limitations. ​It ​is ​a ​good ​option ​for ​PALS ​renewal.

How ​much ​time ​does ​it ​take?

Online ​time ​is ​6 ​to ​12 ​hours. ​The ​Part ​2 ​in-class ​Practical ​Evaluation ​session ​for ​skills ​and ​team ​approach ​time ​is ​3¼ ​hours. ​Successful ​completion ​of ​Part ​1 ​is ​required ​to ​participate ​in ​the ​Part ​2 ​in-class ​skills ​sessions. ​

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