Health Care Law and the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

Seattle, Washington
Monday, August 18, 2014

Health Care Law and the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

Monday, August 18, 2014 - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Seattle University School of Law
901 12th Avenue
Sullivan Hall, Room 110
Seattle, Washington 98122-1090
United States

Phone: (206) 398-4092
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Designed ​to ​broaden ​your ​knowledge ​and ​deepen ​your ​ability ​to ​engage ​health ​law ​issues, ​this ​three ​day ​program ​is ​focused ​on ​the ​most ​relevant, ​important ​and ​emerging ​areas ​of ​Health ​Law. ​Topics ​include: ​regulatory ​compliance, ​bioethics, ​malpractice, ​and ​of ​course ​the ​Patient ​Protection ​and ​Affordable ​Care ​Act. ​Most ​importantly ​during ​this ​program ​you ​will ​receive ​perspectives ​on ​topics ​from ​plaintiffs, ​defendants ​and ​regulators. ​

Attendees ​may ​attend ​the ​entire ​program ​for ​CLE ​credit ​and ​a ​Certificate ​of ​completion ​or ​select ​to ​attend ​just ​the ​third ​day ​which ​is ​devoted ​solely ​to ​the ​Patient ​Protection ​and ​Affordable ​Care ​Act.

17.75 ​CLE ​Credits ​(including ​1.0 ​ethics ​credit) ​for ​attending ​all ​three ​days

Registration ​Options:
Day ​3 ​Only: ​Patient ​Protection ​and ​the ​Affordable ​Health ​Care ​Act ​- ​General ​Registration ​- ​$250; ​Seattle ​University ​School ​of ​Law ​Alumni ​- ​$225

Day ​1, ​2 ​& ​3: ​Health ​Law ​Certificate ​Program ​- ​General ​Registration ​- ​$595; ​Seattle ​University ​School ​of ​Law ​Alumni ​- ​$545

For ​group ​discounts ​please ​contact: ​Mark ​Sideman ​at ​ ​or ​at ​(206) ​398-4092.
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