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Leveraging Scripted Imaging in Novell ZENworks Configuration Management (Course ...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Leveraging Scripted Imaging in Novell ZENworks Configuration Management (Course 9316)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014 8:30 AM - Thursday, September 11, 2014 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Rich Hanley
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Course 9316

This hands-on class teaches bash scripting techniques and imaging commands that can be used when leveraging the scripted imaging capabilities of ZENworks 11.2 Configuration Management and above. Scripted imaging allows users to accomplish complicated imaging processing not available using standard Image Bundles

Course Outline

The hands-on portion of the class includes eight labs demonstrating the various bash scripting capabilities and constructs listed above. Followed by two extensive "challenge" labs where the student will combine the above bash scripting techniques with ZCM imaging to accomplish imaging tasks that can not be addressed by using Preboot Bundles alone.

  • Interacting with the user in your script
  • Creating, reading, and writing text files on your Image Server
  • Using hwinfo to obtain hardware information about a workstation
  • Manipulating strings using cut, awk, and sed
  • Piping and redirection
  • Using the tail and head commands
  • Declaring and using variables
  • Conditional Processing using if and case statements
  • Looping Contructs
  • Array processing
  • Using functions within a bash script
  • Using fdisk and mkfs to manage the target workstation's hard drives
  • Using the Image Engine in bash scripts
  • Reading and writing to Image Safe Data

Audience Summary

This class is intended for those ZCM Administrators and Network Engineers responsible for developing creative solutions to imaging related challenges. Any experience programming in a scripting language or 3rd generation language like Pascal, Basic, or COBAL is helpful but not required.

Course Prerequisites

This course assumes that the student has a full understanding of ZENworks Configuration Management architecture and its feature set. The student is assumed to have the following ZCM related skills:

  1. Be able to navigate within and use the ZENworks Control Center without direct instruction.
  2. Understand the use case for, and be able to configure ZENworks Image and Imaging Script Preboot Bundles.
  3. Understand the purpose of, and be able to configure Imaging Hardware Rules.

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