Small Business Leadership Academy, Class of 2014

Tempe, Arizona
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Small Business Leadership Academy, Class of 2014

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU
450 E. Lemon Street, McCord Hall, Suite 460
Tempe, Arizona 85287
United States

For questions, please contact Joel Dupuis at (480) 727-6275 or
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This ​is ​your ​application ​for ​the ​Small ​Business ​Leadership ​Academy, ​Class ​of ​2014. ​ ​To ​qualify ​for ​the ​program, ​you ​must ​meet ​the ​below ​criteria: ​

• Minimum ​business ​tenure ​of ​three ​(3) ​years
• Annual ​revenues ​between ​$1 ​million ​and ​$10 ​million
• Fewer ​than ​100 ​employees
• Owner/principal ​must ​sign ​and ​submit ​this ​form, ​even ​if ​nominating ​another ​executive ​
• Be ​available ​for ​all ​8 ​evening ​sessions

Please ​be ​prepared ​to ​include ​the ​following ​documents ​with ​your ​application:
• Resume ​for ​the ​owner/top ​executive ​that ​will ​be ​attending ​SBLA ​courses
• 2013 ​year-end ​financial ​statement ​and ​year-to-date ​2014 ​financial ​statement

Your ​application ​must ​be ​submitted ​no ​later ​than ​5 ​p.m. ​on ​July ​18, ​2014. ​ ​Incomplete ​applications ​may ​not ​be ​considered. ​Please ​do ​not ​submit ​any ​additional ​information ​besides ​what ​is ​requested ​on ​this ​form.
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