Crisis Management for the Hospitality Industry -- 2014 Summit

Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crisis Management for the Hospitality Industry -- 2014 Summit

Thursday, June 12, 2014 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM (Pacific Time)

Stan Fulton Building, UNLV Campus
801 East Flamingo Road
Southeast Corner Swenson and Flamingo
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154
United States

Phone: 702-895-5430
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Crisis ​Management ​is ​a ​very ​real ​and ​rapidly ​growing ​response ​to ​today’s ​social ​climate ​and ​nowhere ​is ​it ​more ​vital ​than ​the ​hospitality ​and ​tourism ​segment. ​From ​natural ​disasters ​to ​man-made ​threats, ​a ​crisis ​can ​strike ​at ​any ​time ​causing ​sudden ​and ​catastrophic ​impact ​upon ​the ​industry.

This ​summit ​will ​take ​a ​close ​look ​at ​threats, ​resources, ​and ​organizational ​planning ​to ​assist ​you ​in ​turning ​a ​crisis ​into ​an ​opportunity. ​By ​creating ​a ​paradigm ​shift ​from ​planning ​for ​every ​eventuality ​to ​creating ​an ​organizational ​culture ​of ​preparedness ​and ​response, ​your ​organization ​will ​be ​better ​equipped ​to ​handle ​the ​changing ​world ​environment.

By ​recognizing ​risks, ​identifying ​resources, ​creating ​a ​plan, ​and ​building ​a ​culture ​of ​preparedness ​you ​will ​ensure ​that ​your ​organization ​is ​prepared ​for ​anything.
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