Alumni Email Forwarding Service Form

Alumni Email Forwarding Service Form

The University of Scranton offers e-mail forwarding.  This service forwards email messages delivered to one email address ( on to a different email address (gmail, yahoo or any other internet service provider). 

How soon after I sign up or change my forwarding address will the forwarding take effect? 
It takes up to five business days for both new and updated addresses to take effect. You will receive an email when your email has been activated.

Will I be able to send e-mail from this address? No, you will continue to send e-mail via your existing ISP, and your true sending address will appear on the “From” line of your outgoing message.

I’m concerned about privacy. Does alumni e-mail forwarding make my mail any less secure? Absolutely not.

How much does the service cost? E-mail forwarding is provided free of charge to alumni.

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