ADC Seminar Recording - Putting the "How" in Howell

Sacramento, California
Friday, June 19, 2015

ADC Seminar Recording - Putting the "How" in Howell

Friday, June 19, 2015

2520 Venture Oaks Way
Suite 150
Sacramento, California 95833
United States

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The ​focus ​of ​this ​seminar ​was ​on ​the ​influence ​of ​the ​Howell, ​Corenbaum, ​Luttrell, ​and ​State ​Farm ​cases ​on ​what ​trial ​judges ​should ​be ​allowing ​to ​come ​into ​evidence ​as ​“reasonable” ​billing ​charges. ​There ​was ​special ​emphasis ​on ​Kaiser ​Consolidated ​Statements, ​Medicare ​and ​Medi-Cal ​payments, ​and ​health ​care ​providers ​who ​agree ​to ​take ​matters ​on ​a ​lien ​basis ​(particularly ​where ​the ​plaintiff ​seeks ​to ​avoid ​having ​health ​insurance ​pay ​for ​treatment). ​Topics ​of ​discussion ​included ​local ​community ​standards ​of ​“usual ​and ​customary,” ​the ​inaccuracy ​of ​consolidated ​statements, ​and ​how ​CPT ​codes ​are ​upcoded ​and ​bundled.
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