Trade Winds - Latin America

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Trade Winds - Latin America

Tuesday, September 06, 2016 - Tuesday, September 13, 2016


If you are working with a local U.S. Commercial Service International Trade Specialist, feel free to contact them directly for more information. Otherwise, please contact the following Trade Specialists with questions or email our event mailbox at

Leslie Drake, 304 347 5123
Iris Kapo, 215 597 6127

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    Additional attendees planning on participating in the Forum in Santiago, Chile will pay $950.

    There is no additional fee for an additional attendee going only to a mission stop to attend business matchmaking meetings.


The ​2016 ​U.S. ​Commercial ​Service ​Trade ​Winds ​program ​includes ​a ​Latin ​America ​focused ​business ​forum ​in ​Santiago, ​Chile, ​consisting ​of ​regional ​and ​industry ​specific ​conference ​sessions ​as ​well ​as ​pre-arranged ​consultations ​with ​U.S. ​Diplomats ​representing ​commercial ​markets ​throughout ​the ​region. ​The ​multiple ​trade ​mission ​stops ​will ​give ​participants ​the ​opportunity ​to ​conduct ​business-to-business ​meetings ​with ​firms ​in ​Argentina, ​Bolivia, ​Chile, ​Mexico, ​Peru, ​Paraguay ​and ​Uruguay.

•Learn ​how ​to ​increase ​profits ​and ​overcome ​barriers ​in ​Latin ​America ​during ​the ​Trade ​Winds ​business ​development ​conference.
•Network ​with ​the ​region’s ​leading ​industry ​and ​government ​officials ​and ​experienced ​U.S. ​and ​global ​companies ​during ​the ​Trade ​Winds ​program.
•Meet ​one-on-one ​with ​top ​business ​experts ​from ​the ​U.S. ​Embassies ​and ​Consulates ​from ​the ​region ​for ​the ​latest ​market ​entry ​strategies. ​Countries ​include: ​Argentina, ​Bahamas, ​Barbados, ​Belize, ​Bolivia, ​Brazil, ​Canada, ​Chile, ​Colombia, ​Costa ​Rica, ​Cuba, ​Dominican ​Republic, ​Ecuador, ​El ​Salvador, ​Guatemala, ​Haiti, ​Honduras, ​Jamaica, ​Mexico, ​Nicaragua, ​Panama, ​Paraguay, ​Peru ​and ​Uruguay

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