2016 - 2018 (REM) Request PHMSA-funded RemoteTraining — Responding to Flammable ...

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2016 - 2018 (REM) Request PHMSA-funded RemoteTraining — Responding to Flammable Liquids Transported by Rail

   Instructions to Submit Training Request:

  1. The requestors should be from remote or volunteer US-based rural emergency response organizations and should come from the Emergency Manager, Fire Chief, Training Officers, or those that will be the hosting organization. By having these individuals make the request it will assist in delivering the training to the right locations.
  2. Verify potential Participants will meet requirements (below).
  3. Be ready to enter potential location & dates for training (Minimum 15-day advance notice is required to schedule & register).
  4. Please allow several working days for a response. Filling out the request online does not guarantee training.
  5. Please use only ONE request per class.
"Start Your Survey" is the same as the "REQUEST." Please begin by entering the Requestor's email.

Start Your Survey
Terms and Conditions

Clicking the box, you agree that the potential Participants will meet the following requirements:

  a. Remote or volunteer US-based Rural Emergency Responder,
  b. Located in a city/county with a population of 50,000 or less,
  c. Non-Federal employee, and
  d. Certify there is freight rail passing through their jurisdiction.