Vendor Application 2017

Vendor Application 2017

Phone: 303-698-1207

Vendor Fees and Registration

• Vendor Applications must be received by either mail or online by Friday, March 10, 2017
• Vendor selections and invite notifications to be made on March 17, 2017
• Nonrefundable deposits of ($100) to be received immediately upon notification of selection
• Full payment to be received by May 1, 2017

Booth Cost & Event Packet Inclusion

  • 10' x 10' space @$245 each…………....vendor receives 2 membership packets and 2 tables
  • 10' x 5' space @$165 each…………......vendor receives 1 membership packets and 1 table
  • Additional spaces @ $150 each…..…....vendor receives 1 membership packet for each
  • Additional Tables @ $15 each

Any one vendor will be allowed a maximum of three 10' x 10' spaces (if available). Membership packets which are included as part of the vendor fee may be utilized for the designated vendors and their staff ONLY. These packages may NOT be transferred to other attendees, vendors, or other vendor staff members who are not a part of the original designated vendor staff. In other words, included packages go to vendors and their staff ONLY. There will be no transfers and no exceptions to this rule. Please indicate on your application the number of spaces you will require (plus any additional tables). 

Services Information

All other requirements, such as electrical, phone lines and pre-shipping, will be handled directly with the hotel by each vendor. (Applications to the hotel for the phone and storage services are included at the end of this section). Please copy these forms and contact the hotel directly. EXTENSION CORDS AND ADDITIONAL LIGHTING ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH VENDOR. A sign listing each vendor's name will be provided by Thunder at no additional cost to the vendor. Food and drinks for attendees will not be allowed in the vendor area, but vendors and their staff may eat and drink in each of your booths. There will be NO SMOKING in the vendor area by anyone.

Thunder in the Mountains, LLC. will provide tables, skirting and two chairs for each booth.  Our Vendor Director, will assign spaces to each vendor, and we will certainly try to take into consideration any needs that any of you might voice to us.

We are sorry but Vendor Application is now closed.  If you are a Vendor and have applied we will be selecting vendor on March 14, 2017.  Thank you for you interest in being a vendor at Thunder in the Mountains.  If you have any comments or questions feel free to send an email to