Application:Tactical HazMat Operations in Surface Transportation (THMOST)

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Application:Tactical HazMat Operations in Surface Transportation (THMOST)

 Instructions — please read carefully
WHO QUALIFIES?  To be eligible, qualifying individuals must be from state, local, or tribal organizations. Availability of cooperative agreement funding is contingent upon completing the application & SAA's authorization. This application is the first step — it does not guarantee a seat.

WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE? If you are a Federal Employee, you are NOT eligible to apply.  Ineligible Federal Employees Register & Pay. Clicking this link leads you back to the open enrollment page, so you may register and pay for your own training, Federal employees may still attend training using their own funding

ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES: Follow these steps:

HOW DO I START THIS APPLICATION?   The following information is required to complete the application:
    1. If you qualify, you'll need your SID (write this down for next screen)
    2. Your SAA (write this down for next screen)
    3. Your 9-digit zipcode (write this down for next screen)
1. HOW DO I GET A SID?    Applicants must have a FEMA Student ID (SID) to complete this application. If you don't have one, create a NEW SID here, & have it ready to enter on the next screen. If you don't remember you SID, use the retrieve button.

Every applicant has a State Administrative Agency (SAA). Use the button on the right to find and write down your SAA's: Name | Email |  Ph | Fax which will be used on the next screen.


3. HOW DO I FIND MY 9-DIGIT ZIP CODE?  Use the button on the right for the 9-digit zip code.

Write down all requested information, close open windows. Use the Applicant's email below. "Start Your Survey" is the same as the "Application."

Start Your Survey

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