Application:Tactical HazMat Operations in Surface Transportation (THMOST)

Application:Tactical HazMat Operations in Surface Transportation (THMOST)

 Please read carefully:

Who is eligible?
To be eligible, qualifying individuals must be from state, local, or tribal organizations. Availability of cooperative agreement funding is contingent upon completing the application & SAA's authorization. Foreign national attendance is approved on a case-by-case basis, please contact SERTC Administration for further details. This application is the first step — it does not guarantee a seat.

Who is not eligible? If you are a Federal Employee, you are NOT eligible; however, you may still attend using your own funding — Self-pay Register Now.

Instructions: If eligible, the following items are required to complete an application:

1. SID: 10-digit FEMA Student ID number that tracks training
2. SAA: State Administrative Agency's Name | Email | Phone | Fax
3. 9-digit Zipcode

Close any open windows, and continue below by entering student’s email; mindful that “Start Your Survey” = “Application”

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