IANDS Group Affiliation annual certification 2017-18 (due August 25, 2017)

IANDS Group Affiliation annual certification 2017-18 (due August 25, 2017)

Welcome! The benefits of becoming and remaining an IANDS Affiliated Group include having your Group listed on the IANDS web site, participating in the monthly Group Leaders conference calls, having access to recordings of past conference call speakers, and having access to other Group Leaders for advice on running a Group. Our Affiliated Groups may also receive tax-exempt status as part of IANDS' IRS group exemption (requires member login).

The IANDS Group Affiliation Policy requires that all Affiliated Groups certify each year that their activities adhere to IANDS policies. In order to become and remain an Affiliated Group:
  • The Group Leader needs to be an active IANDS member at the Supporting level or higher
  • The Group Leader needs to fill out the annual certification report (this registration form)
  • The Group Leader needs to pay the Group Affiliation renewal fee of $50 ($75 if the Group is part of IANDS' IRS group exemption)
Affiliated Groups need to maintain their affiliation each year. Otherwise, we will remove the Group from the list of Groups on the web site and from the monthly conference call list. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM BY AUGUST 25, 2017!

FULL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS FORM HERE. If you have not filled out this annual certification form before, start your registration by entering your email address. If you have already completed this form, select Change Your Existing Registration; enter the email address from last year; review and modify the information you reported last year and pay the annual fee for this year. Contact the office (919-383-7940) if you have any questions.
Start Your Registration
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    Please complete the entire registration process to provide the necessary detailed Group information.

    The normal affiliation fee is $50 per year unless a waiver code is entered during this registration process.  The waiver code for a start-up Group application is newgroupwaiver. (To make a $50 contribution to IANDS when requesting start-up Group affiliation, simply do not enter “newgroupwaiver” in the waiver code entry field – with appreciation from IANDS!). 

    Other waiver code requests are approved and issued by the IANDS Groups Coordinator (email groups@iands.org).

    This registration process will accept from 1 to 5 individual registrations as representatives for the Group. The primary contact Group Leader is the first person to register, fills out the detailed Group information, and is charged the affiliation fee, calculated as $50 minus any waiver code exemption.

    Note:  Register only one (1) "primary contact Group leader" since that is the registration that will be prompted for all the detailed Group information.

    To reiterate, only the first registrant (the Group Leader) is charged a Group registration fee. There is no fee for registering individuals 2 through 5.

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