2013 Kinetic Chain Evaluation and Functional Exercise Approaches

Chicago, Illinois
Monday, December 09, 2013


2013 Kinetic Chain Evaluation and Functional Exercise Approaches

Monday, December 09, 2013 7:50 AM - Tuesday, December 10, 2013 4:45 PM (Central Standard Time)

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
345 E. Superior Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
United States

(312) 238-6042
Please Contact:
Mary Eugene
Registrar - RIC Academy
Phone: 312-238-4251
Fax: 312-238-4451

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This ​two-day ​course ​covers ​information ​critical ​to ​the ​assessment ​and ​treatment ​of ​Kinetic ​Chain ​impairments ​and ​restoration ​of ​Kinetic ​Chain ​function ​for ​patients ​with ​musculoskeletal ​pain. ​Evidence ​supporting ​a ​Kinetic ​Chain ​approach ​will ​be ​discussed ​as ​well ​as ​demonstrations ​of ​its ​practical ​application ​in ​clinical ​practice ​for ​lower ​body, ​upper ​body ​and ​spine-related ​patient ​cases. ​ ​Clinical ​reasoning ​based ​on ​Kinetic ​Chain ​function ​will ​be ​utilized ​as ​a ​basis ​for ​treatment ​selection ​and ​for ​formulating ​ ​an ​exercise ​prescription. ​ Kinetic ​Chain ​tests ​will ​be ​presented ​and ​practiced ​to ​sharpen ​observational ​skills ​of ​functional ​biomechanics ​of ​the ​core, ​lower ​extremity ​and ​upper ​extremity.  ​Functional ​stretching ​and ​strengthening ​exercises ​will ​be ​discussed, ​practiced ​and ​applied ​to ​clinical ​patient ​cases. ​ A ​take-home ​DVD ​of ​kinetic ​chain ​exercises ​will ​be ​included ​in ​the ​learning ​materials. ​
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