The NH 3 Tiered Bullying Prevention and Intervention Model

Concord, New Hampshire

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The NH 3 Tiered Bullying Prevention and Intervention Model

an OPEN NH self-paced online tutorial
NH e-Learning for Educators
NH Department of Education
Concord, New Hampshire 03301
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NH Department of Education
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In ​an ​effort ​to ​assist ​schools ​in ​providing ​training ​for ​ALL ​school ​related ​employees, ​volunteers, ​substitute ​teachers ​and ​others, ​the ​NH ​e-Learning ​for ​Educators ​Project ​at ​the ​New ​Hampshire ​Department ​of ​Education ​developed ​this ​simple ​tutorial ​training ​on ​developing ​a ​three ​tiered ​bullying ​prevention ​program. ​This ​tutorial ​is ​divided ​into ​four ​units. ​As ​you ​complete ​each ​unit ​of ​the ​tutorial, ​you ​will ​be ​asked ​to ​submit ​an ​online ​assessment. ​Once ​your ​assessments ​for ​all ​four ​units ​are ​submitted ​and ​evaluated, ​you ​will ​receive ​a ​Certificate ​of ​Completion ​for ​5 ​hours ​of ​professional ​development ​for ​this ​tutorial ​training. ​This ​certificate ​can ​be ​used ​to ​demonstrate ​to ​your ​school(s) ​that ​you ​have ​satisfied ​the ​required ​basic ​training ​in ​bullying ​awareness ​and ​prevention. ​Additional ​professional ​development ​opportunities ​should ​be ​offered ​through ​your ​school, ​district, ​or ​SAU, ​annually.
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