5-Day Backcountry Rescue Workshop

Boulder, CO
Saturday, September 22, 2018

5-Day Backcountry Rescue Workshop

Saturday, September 22, 2018 8:00 AM - Wednesday, September 26, 2018 8:00 PM (Mountain Time)

The Ranch
Middle Saint Vrain Creek
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

Phone: 303-800-1708 x1221
Email: adover@pmirope.com

Unfortunately, this course is full. Please visit http://www.verticalrescuesolutions.com/courses/rope-access-sprat/ or contact Andrew Duran aduran@pmirope.com for information on future SPRAT® course dates at the PMI® West/VRS™ Facility.

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The ​choice ​of ​roping ​equipment ​available ​now ​is ​mind-boggling ​and ​with ​it ​we ​are ​seeing ​a ​growing ​expectation ​that ​backcountry ​technicians ​should ​carry ​and ​use ​the ​same ​tools ​and ​techniques ​as ​they ​would ​for ​vehicle-based ​urban ​responses.

The ​reality ​is ​that ​it ​is ​simply ​impractical ​to ​expect ​back-country ​technicians ​to ​hike ​in ​10 ​miles ​and ​respond ​with ​full-body ​industrial ​fall-arrest ​equipment, ​steel ​carabiners, ​and ​half-inch ​rope.

This ​unique ​5-day ​workshop ​will ​focus ​on ​understanding ​first ​principles ​and ​building ​realistic ​roping ​systems ​from ​first ​principles. ​ ​Long-held ​rules ​will ​be ​challenged ​and, ​where ​appropriate, ​replaced ​with ​justification ​for ​making ​decisions ​based ​on ​facts, ​logic, ​and ​physics.

Topics ​covered ​will ​include:
- Equipment ​ratings ​and ​standards.
- Rope ​options: ​6mm ​to ​13mm ​(well ​maybe ​not ​13mm), ​Nylon ​vs ​polyester ​vs ​aramid.
- Harness ​options: ​task ​specific, ​belt/sit/full-body, ​light-weight ​to ​industrial.
- Belaying, ​descending, ​ascending ​hardware.
- Personal ​vertical ​mobility: ​Moving ​in ​broken ​terrain, ​Descending, ​Ascending.
- High ​directionals: ​None, ​Improvised, ​Light-weight ​gin ​poles, ​A-frames, ​Tripods.
- Theory: ​Mechanical ​advantage, ​Friction, ​Forces.
- Testing: ​Test ​design, ​Tension ​load ​cells, ​Interpreting ​results.
- Rescue ​philosophy: ​Single ​vs ​double ​rope, ​Single ​vs. ​two-person ​loads, ​Highlines, ​Skate ​blocks, ​Cross ​hauls.
- And, ​of ​course, ​any ​relevant ​questions ​raised ​by ​participants.
This ​is ​a ​workshop ​for ​technicians. ​ ​Theory ​will ​be ​well ​balanced ​with ​practice ​and ​we ​will ​provide ​ample ​opportunities ​for ​all ​to ​build ​and ​operate ​systems. ​ ​The ​pace ​and ​level ​of ​challenge ​will ​be ​set ​by ​the ​needs ​of ​the ​participants.

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