The Healthier You Conference: Experience Health

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Friday, May 11, 2018

The Healthier You Conference: Experience Health

Friday, May 11, 2018 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Science & Technology Center
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
United States

Health Care Solutions of Delaware Valley
PO Box 351, Media, PA 19063

Phone: 484-234-2427
Fax: 484-244-4614

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This ​full ​day ​conference, ​on ​Friday, ​May ​11, ​2018, ​includes ​a ​host ​of ​activities ​that ​will ​provide ​unique ​experiences ​which ​will ​leave ​a ​lasting ​impact. ​The ​Healthier ​You ​Conference ​was ​designed ​to ​empower ​you ​to ​make ​small ​changes ​in ​your ​life ​now, ​so ​that ​you ​can ​enjoy ​your ​retirement ​in ​5, ​10, ​20+ ​years ​from ​now! ​Living ​busy ​lives ​with ​responsibilities ​at ​home, ​work, ​and ​in ​the ​community ​gives ​us ​with ​little ​time ​to ​remember ​to ​take ​care ​of ​ourselves. ​This ​leads ​to ​stress, ​overweight/obesity, ​high ​blood ​pressures, ​and ​the ​list ​goes ​on. ​Many ​of ​the ​chronic ​health ​conditions ​can ​be ​reversed ​(and ​prevented), ​simply ​by ​changing ​our ​behaviors ​and ​habits. ​That’s ​why ​we’re ​bringing ​in ​the ​area’s ​experts ​to ​teach ​and ​show ​you ​how ​to ​make ​these ​changes ​so ​that ​you ​can ​live ​a ​long, ​fulfilling ​life! ​There ​will ​also ​be ​a ​celebrity ​photo ​booth, ​fitness ​demonstrations, ​cooking ​demonstrations, ​health ​screenings, ​healthcare ​provider ​roundtable ​discussions, ​exhibitors, ​and ​LOTS ​of ​giveaways ​(most ​valued ​over ​$100). ​Registration ​includes ​meals ​and ​snacks. ​Space ​is ​limited, ​so ​register ​today ​and ​#ExperienceHealth ​at ​the ​2018 ​Healthier ​You ​Conference!
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