Automated Email Responses

Event coordinators appreciate when a new attendee signs up, but who has time to thank each one? And who has the resources to remind each person when the event will take place? With RegOnline, all of your event communications will be automated. You’ll choose some standard emails for thank you notes, reminders and whatever else you want. These emails will be sent instantly based on triggers you designate. From there, you can sit back and make yourself a cappuccino because you’ve saved hours and your attendees still got all the information they need.

You can also choose to personalize these automatic emails. For example, set up your emails to address attendees using their first names. With this custom merge field feature, you can pull any piece of information from the registration system and add it to your communications. This adds the personal element without requiring hours of manual work on your part.

Also, add any event details automatically. Let’s say you are running multiple events in the next month. You can include specific event details in the email depending on which event a person registered for. This way, you stay organized and your attendees get the information they need.

Here’s what you can do with our automated email responses:

  • Send custom registration confirmations and thank you emails
  • Automate reminders, follow-ups, and announcements
  • Segment and organize your lists
  • Personalize the emails by automatically pulling information from the sign up data
  • Add specific event details to make sure you give your attendees the correct information

No setup costs, software to install, or contracts required.

Attendees: contact your event organizer to attend an event