free event promotion

Here’s what you’ll get with our event distribution tool:

When you create an event, you need to reach both people you know and people you don’t. With our event distribution tools, you’ll easily be able to do both from one screen. First, you can spread the word to your network through email and social networks like Facebook. After that, you can choose to post your event on top event directory websites like, Eventful, and Upcoming. Thousands of people search for events like yours on these websites and you won’t have to worry about posting a listing on each directory to get seen by them. Our event distribution option is built into your RegOnline dashboard so that you can reach new attendees with a few words and one click.

Once your event is up and running on and the other directories, people will be able to find it in a few different ways. They can search for types of events or keywords and narrow the search down by dates and location. When your event appears at the end of that search, you’ve reached a new person in your target market. This means new sign ups, more revenue and a bigger community.


No setup costs, software to install, or contracts required.

Attendees: contact your event organizer to attend an event