Online Event Surveys


The best way to know if your event was a success is to ask your attendees. With our online event survey builder, you easily create custom surveys that include anything from a multiple choice question to a rating system to paragraph-long responses. You have control over whether your questions are required or optional. That way, you can get the information you absolutely need and gather even deeper responses.

When your survey is created, send it out to your email list automatically. Once your attendees receive and fill out the survey, you’ll be able to track all the responses and necessary statistics with easy-to-read reports. With all of the responses organized and updated in real-time, you can focus on making decisions rather than data entry.

This is what you can do with our online event survey builder:

  • Create and customize an unlimited amount of questions
  • Choose to make questions required or optional
  • Send out event surveys automatically to your attendees’ emails
  • View and analyze detailed reports, graphs and charts
  • Focus on decision-making rather than number crunching

No setup costs, software to install, or contracts required.

Attendees: contact your event organizer to attend an event