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Download our latest whitepaper on social media for events and meetings and create a robust social strategy for before, during and after your event. 

In today’s social networking world, people share things they like with the people they like. When someone signs up for your event, they can easily tell, peer-pressure, or brag to their friends by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn buttons. That will post your event on their profiles and more people will see it. This is the power of social media marketing for your event—you can turn your attendees into your promoters. For your event, this means more clicks, more registrations, and more money.

But you don’t have to wait for your attendees to start sharing. You can start the social media process yourself right from the dashboard. Create a Facebook event without even going to Facebook. This event page will be just as important as any other type of marketing you do because you can invite friends and those friends can invite friends, and so on. People go to Facebook every day to check out what’s new in their network and your event will be pretty cool news that they’ll want to share on the world’s largest social network.

As for the other big ones, you can post your event to Twitter as an update with a link to your website. For LinkedIn, you can post your event details and link on your profile, your company’s profile, and even in relevant groups you have joined. Since Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to use, you’ll build more awareness around your event without spending a dime.

Here’s what you can do with our social media marketing solutions:

  • Click to automatically create a Facebook event
  • Tweet an announcement about your event on Twitter
  • Post an announcement on your LinkedIn profile and in LinkedIn groups
  • Offer easy buttons so that your web visitors and attendees can share with their social networks

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