RegOnline Professional Services

We Enable Your Success

RegOnline can be a self-service product, but to maximize your investment in the software, we offer additional consultation services. With years of experience helping top event planners improve their events, RegOnline provides unparalleled expertise to help you take your events to the next level.

Our team of event registration experts understand what you need. From a smoother, easier registration process to professionally-designed registration forms, our team is here to make sure your next event is a big success.

Our team provides a full spectrum of services:

Full-service event building
Event reviews
Live training for beginners
Advanced topic training
Reporting and analytics
Hands-on, one day workshops
And much more!

We tailor a package to fit YOUR needs.

Our team offers hourly rates as well as discounts with bulk hour purchases. To learn more, begin an estimate or to purchase professional services, please contact your account manager or call RegOnline at 1-888-351-9948.

What RegOnline Clients are Saying

"Awesome review of my event. It was very encouraging to receive tips on improvements so quickly."
Genevieve Howard

"Everyone is friendly, well informed and able to communicate solutions well. I'm impressed! Thank you."
Diana Walker

"I was perfectly satisfied with the event build service. We have a non-traditional use of your registration system and Ali helped us adapt our system without making the cost rise."
Linda Gray

"The opportunity to network with other people doing exactly what I do, with the same struggles, was invaluable."
Debby Courtney

"The workshop was a great opportunity to talk 1 on 1 about specific issues that affect my job and the customer is experience."
Dana K Schauf

"At the Impact workshop I got to see how others use the system in ways I hadn't thought of. I enjoyed the group interaction, finding out where everyone was from and what kind of events they do."
Charlie McChesney