Put a spotlight on how event management software can make your events shine brighter

You’ve heard the phrase “event management software” but what does it really mean to you and your meetings? Event management features and tools should ultimately make your life easier and improve your events as well. From online registration to event marketing, your event management solution should be focused on creating efficiencies and deepening attendee engagement. Think about it this way:

How can it help you do your job better?

It should help you streamline four key areas: attendee registration, attendee engagement, event coordination, and data analysis. The ability to control all of these tasks in one place will save you time and make it easier for your organization to consolidate reporting. RegOnline tip – you have access to all of these areas in a single, affordable event management solution.

How will it improve your relationship with attendees?

Stronger relationships with attendees mean loyalty and longevity to your events. Make sure the technology allows you to: 1) connect via social media and YouTube 2) use mobile technology to view sessions, news updates, and download agendas; and 3) collect data and insights to personalize the experience for attendees.

What services should you choose?

Not surprisingly, 92% of event producers* say that customer service is one of the most important criteria an event technology provider can deliver. You should also keep an eye out for reputation, account management, training assistance, and cost. As an example, RegOnline offers toll-free customer support, an online assistance portal, and training.

In what ways can it help you prove ROI?

Your boss and other executives want to know where their money is going and you’re constantly asked to justify your spending. A good event management and registration system can alleviate this pressure by giving a big picture to all kinds of ROI-related data such as registrant profiles, session attendance, and popularity of speakers.

In the meetings and events industry, everyone from event planners to travel managers should understand how a good event management software solutions can positively impact their business. See how RegOnline's registration software can benefit your events today and try it for free!

*Source: “The Connected Event: Insights into 2012 Technology Trends,” an ACTIVE Network/Event Marketing Institute study of over 500 leading organizations.

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