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Four Event Planning Software Quick Tips

Planning events can be overwhelming to say the least. So it’s important to have the assistance of an event planning software to guide you before, during, and after your event. From marketing the event and managing registration to measuring the event’s success, you need an event planning solution, like RegOnline, that will help you create outstanding events every step of the way. Here are four tips for event planners:

Market your event like an expert

The event planning software you use should include registration forms and event websites that are easy for you to maintain and don’t require HTML knowledge. It should also include email marketing – still one of marketing’s most cost-effective and measurable tools - that are both professional in appearance and deployment. Next, spread the word and promote your event often via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Simplify your registration process

Online Registration Forms are the quickest and easiest way to streamline your registrations. For example, the ability for attendees to do self-service changes can provide up-to-date information to your staff. You should also give previous attendees the convenience of auto-recall to pre-populate their information and help save them time. Additionally, pre-set reminder emails that ask event attendees to confirm their registration are essential to eliminating no-shows.

Get your event mobile-ready

Mobile devices and tablets are replacing manual processes and delivering efficient results to increase audience reach, target the right people, and provide real-time communication. With mobile event technology, you can take part in the next generation of amazing events by offering things like mobile-friendly event websites and registration, social media sharing, QR codes for session access or content downloads, and mobile event surveys and polls to gain attendee insight.

Survey your attendees for success

The savviest way to learn how to create the best event experiences for your attendees is to hear it directly from them. Gathering their feedback - especially during or right after the event - will deliver the valuable data you need to keep them coming back. An event survey that is quick and easy to complete will get the most responses, along with qualified and concise questions. And always remember to test your surveys to ensure they are user-friendly.

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