Selecting the Best Online Event Registration Software

event registration software

Tips to choose the best event registration solution for your events

Your meeting location and dates are set - now you need to create a registration form, process payments and manage attendees.

Online event registration software, such as RegOnline, enables you to do that and so much more. Although the key function of this Event Software is online registration, it should also support other features that are imperative to creating successful events:

  • User friendly payment processing
  • In-depth reporting to measure and track the success of your event
  • Mobile event apps for attendees to access meeting information anywhere, anytime
  • Self-service changes by event attendees for the most up-to-date information

Essentially, you should consider an online event management & registration solution that can handle all event tasks in one place. Here are four tips to keep in mind when looking for a registration system:

  • Cost – is the pricing all-inclusive? Be aware of hidden fees and additional service charges. For example, what is the charge for mobile applications? Tip - RegOnline provides inclusive, simple pricing with no set-up costs, no software to install, and no contracts. Plus, a FREE mobile event app.
  • Usability – the technology should be easy-to-use. Test drive the system to understand if the navigation is seamless and if attendees can cruise through simplified online registration forms.
  • Marketing – attendees should have a professional online event registration website to visit that is easy for you to maintain. Plus, you should be able to send targeted emails blasts at any time. Tip – with RegOnline you’ll have access to website and theme designer tools to create sleek-looking websites without the help of outside designers or IT.
  • Engagement – you should be able to engage your attendees year-round with social networking tools and event surveys to capture key insights to attendee satisfaction.

RegOnline has supported over 200,000 events with online event registration software that delivers all of the above. Experience it today and try RegOnline for your next trade show, conference, meeting or any special event!

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