And how it can help you stay on top of event trends

You hear it said often in various ways; the world of meetings and events is evolving rapidly. But what does this really mean to your business? And more importantly, what do you need to stay at the forefront of the industry?

Online meeting management software encompasses a great amount of where the future of meetings and events are headed. It provides the features your event needs to work fast while collecting intelligent data. From online registration services to event registration websites and everything in between, online meeting management solutions can transform your meetings.

From 2008 – 2012, there were three noticeable trends* taking place across five top U.S. meeting destinations. Each of these can easily be supported by the right software solution to meet the demands of the meeting trends:

Meeting smaller

Event organizers are trimming the amount of people attending events, often to under 50. Smaller events make up a greater share of eRFPs now than in 2008 and reflect companies’ desire to limit event costs.

Meeting shorter

Meetings are for getting more done in less time. The length of events has commonly been reduced from multiple-day to same- or one-day meetings. Requests for short events of same- and one-day length have grown since 2008 and now make up 35% of all eRFPs measured by the index.

Planning on the fly

Almost one-third of eRFPs are now sent out only 0-60 days in advance, a slight increase from 2008. While, more (38%) still are sent out 121 days and above, that share has shrunk in the past four years. By sourcing for meeting services with less lead time, events are able to accommodate fluctuating budgets.

Event planners must consider the positive impact that event management systems can offer their business. Bridge the gap in your meetings and find the best solution for your needs.

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*Event Trends: 2008-2012, ACTIVE Network, 2013


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