Three ways software can help create valuable seminars for your audience

You’ve just left a seminar that has you feeling both inspired and excited. Whether it was the topic, the delivery of the information, the speaker or the audience participation, something about it clicked in your brain. It’s an invigorating feeling and one that event planners should strive to achieve for attendees. And now, seminar planning software makes it easier than ever to deliver brilliant seminars.

There are many factors that contribute to successful seminars, which can be pulled together with the assistance of seminar planning solutions. Here are three tips you can start using today:

Maximize revenue with simple registration

Selecting an online registration system with simple, customizable forms unlocks a new way to capitalize on attendee responses and helps to craft seminars. Tip – ACTIVE RegOnline delivers online registration forms

Provide solid education with a purpose

Think about what the topic will mean to the audience once they leave the seminar. The topics and information should be relevant and relatable for all levels of your audience. For example, is it something they can use to grow their business? Similar to the tip above, you can utilize custom questions during pre-registration to see if certain topics will be worthwhile to pursue. Tip – ACTIVE RegOnline offers customized questions during online registration

Use surveys to help validate seminar education

This practice will be invaluable to your future seminars. Surveys are essential to understanding if attendees are absorbing the information and engaging in the topics. Collecting this feedback immediately via online surveys will empower you to make decisions on the topics your audience really wants to learn about and grow from. Tip – ACTIVE RegOnline provides high-quality online survey tools as an optional feature

Take your seminar planning to the next level with these tips. If done right, your attendees will walk away feeling awe-inspired.

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