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 Show Details    Import ContactBradAbraham
 Show Details    Import ContactKerryAdrienneWaking the
 Show Details    Import ContactKimAlexanderThe Heron Prince
 Show Details    Import ContactJ.D.Allen
 Show Details    Import ContactNancyAllenJuror #3 (James Patterson, co-author)
 Show Details    Import ContactStacyAllenExpedition
 Show Details    Import ContactMarkAlpertThe
 Show Details    Import ContactPaul Dale
 Show Details    Import ContactBrian AndrewsTIER
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactKathleenAntrimCapital
 Show Details    Import ContactDacoAuffenordeBobby Baumgartner is Spitting
 Show Details    Import ContactTomAvitabileGive Us This
 Show Details    Import ContactE.A.AymarYou're As Good As
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactJ.D.BarkerThe Fourth
 Show Details    Import ContactCaseyBarrettUNDER
 Show Details    Import ContactFionaBartonTHE
 Show Details    Import ContactEricBeetnerCriminal
 Show Details    Import ContactDavidBellBring Her
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesBell  
 Show Details    Import ContactShellyBellAt His
 Show Details    Import ContactR.G. BelskyBlonde Ice
 Show Details    Import ContactKathyBennettAt this time unknown (this is not a title)
 Show Details    Import ContactSteveBerryThe Lost
 Show Details    Import ContactSusan AliceBickfordA Short Time to
 Show Details    Import ContactNancyBilyeauThe
 Show Details    Import ContactGaryBirkenError in
 Show Details    Import ContactSaraBlaedelTHE LOST
 Show Details    Import ContactSandraBolton
 Show Details    Import ContactBarbaraBourlandI'll Eat When I'm
 Show Details    Import ContactC.J.Box
 Show Details    Import ContactSandraBrannanJACOB'S
 Show Details    Import ContactAllisonBrennanMake Them
 Show Details    Import ContactCaraBrookinsRise, How a House Built a Family
 Show Details    Import ContactRyanBrownPlay
 Show Details    Import ContactSandraBrown
 Show Details    Import ContactCarlaBuckleyThe Good
 Show Details    Import ContactBruceBuffThe Soul of the
 Show Details    Import ContactNancyBushDangerous
 Show Details    Import ContactShelbyCain  
 Show Details    Import ContactDianeCapriBlood Trails
 Show Details    Import ContactSeanChercoverThe Savior's
 Show Details    Import ContactLeeChild
 Show Details    Import ContactMartinClancyMurder At The Supreme
 Show Details    Import ContactJoeCliffordGive Up the
 Show Details    Import ContactAllisonColucci
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnConnellSpoils of Victory
 Show Details    Import ContactLynneConstantineThe Veritas Deception
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactJoshuaCorinDEADPOOL: Too
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactTraceede HahnSwiss
 Show Details    Import ContactPaige DearthBorn
 Show Details    Import ContactJenDelozierType and
 Show Details    Import ContactNelsonDeMille  
 Show Details    Import ContactSandyDeMille  
 Show Details    Import ContactJameDiBiasioBloody
 Show Details    Import ContactKarenDionneThe Marsh King's
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnDixonThe
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnDobbynFatal
 Show Details    Import ContactChristinaDodd
 Show Details    Import ContactBrandtDodsonThe Sons of
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexDolanThe Empress of
 Show Details    Import ContactBrendanDuBoisSTORM
 Show Details    Import ContactBobDugoniThe Trapped
 Show Details    Import ContactLynetteEason
 Show Details    Import ContactSusanElia MacNealThe Paris
 Show Details    Import ContactAshleyElston
 Show Details    Import ContactHallieEphron  
 Show Details    Import ContactAllenEskensThe Life We
 Show Details    Import ContactLindaFairstein
 Show Details    Import ContactJohn WayneFalbeyThe Year of the Dog: A Sleeping Dogs
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnFarrowPERISH THE
 Show Details    Import ContactPhilFasone  
 Show Details    Import ContactJosephFinderGuilty
 Show Details    Import ContactE.J.Findorff
 Show Details    Import ContactAnthonyFranzeThe
 Show Details    Import ContactJamieFrevelettiThe Geneva
 Show Details    Import ContactReaFreyLiving the Mediterranean
 Show Details    Import ContactSusanFurlongSplintered
 Show Details    Import ContactDianaGabaldon  
 Show Details    Import ContactJaniceGable
 Show Details    Import ContactMegGardiner
 Show Details    Import ContactDannyGardnerA Negro and an
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaGardner  
 Show Details    Import ContactKathleenGear
 Show Details    Import ContactW. MichaelGear
 Show Details    Import ContactValentinaGiambancoBlood And
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnGilstrapFinal
 Show Details    Import ContactRobertGleasonAnd Into the
 Show Details    Import ContactChrisGoffRED
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexiaGordonMurder in G
 Show Details    Import ContactWaltGraggThe Red
 Show Details    Import ContactHeatherGraham
 Show Details    Import ContactDonnaGrantSmoke and
 Show Details    Import ContactW. G.GriffithsThe Renegade
 Show Details    Import ContactAndrewGross
 Show Details    Import ContactGaryGrossmanRED
 Show Details    Import ContactPatriciaGussinAfter the
 Show Details    Import ContactMariaGustafssonAbsintä
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnHaack  
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaHallTell Me No
 Show Details    Import ContactParnellHallSmooth
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactIanHamilton
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesHankinsThe Inside Dark
 Show Details    Import ContactDianaHansen-Young
 Show Details    Import ContactHartHansonThe
 Show Details    Import ContactCharlaineHarrisALL THE LITTLE
 Show Details    Import ContactShaunHarrisThe Hemingway
 Show Details    Import ContactA.J.HartleyFirebrand (Steeplejack 2)
 Show Details    Import ContactElenaHartwellTwo Heads Are Deader Than
 Show Details    Import ContactLSHawkerEND OF THE ROAD
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesHaymanThe Girl on the
 Show Details    Import ContactDonHelinAngel's
 Show Details    Import ContactJenniferHillierJAR OF
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactChristinaHoagSkin of
 Show Details    Import ContactSibelHodgeBeneath the
 Show Details    Import ContactCateHolahanThe Widower’s
 Show Details    Import ContactCherylHollonCRACKED TO
 Show Details    Import ContactNancyHughes
 Show Details    Import ContactKenIsaacson
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexandraIvyKill Without
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaJackson
 Show Details    Import ContactAlanJacobsonThe Darkness of
 Show Details    Import ContactLaraJames  
 Show Details    Import ContactPeterJames  
 Show Details    Import ContactRussellJamesQ
 Show Details    Import ContactStevenJamesEvery Deadly
 Show Details    Import ContactJAJance  
 Show Details    Import ContactJoanJohnstonBlackthorne's
 Show Details    Import ContactSheenaKamalEyes Like Mine/The Lost
 Show Details    Import ContactHowardKaplanThe Damascus Cover
 Show Details    Import ContactAlmaKatsuThe
 Show Details    Import ContactLarryKelterBack To
 Show Details    Import ContactChristinaKemprecos  
 Show Details    Import ContactKayKendallRainy Day Women
 Show Details    Import ContactKateKesslerTwo Can Play 
 Show Details    Import ContactAngieKim  
 Show Details    Import ContactBrianKlingborgKill Devil Falls 
 Show Details    Import ContactChrisKnopfBack
 Show Details    Import ContactSherryKnowltonDead of
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelKortya  
 Show Details    Import ContactChristinaKovacThe
 Show Details    Import ContactGaryKriss  
 Show Details    Import ContactDeanKutzlerBrownstone, A Jack Elliot Thriller
 Show Details    Import ContactBarry LancetThe Spy Across The Table
 Show Details    Import ContactJonLandTHE
 Show Details    Import ContactShariLapenaTHE COUPLE NEXT
 Show Details    Import ContactWardLarsenAssassin's
 Show Details    Import ContactNinaLaurinGIRL LAST
 Show Details    Import ContactJenniferLawler
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactPaulLees-Haley  
 Show Details    Import ContactMarkLeggattThe London
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnLescroart
 Show Details    Import ContactKentLesterThe Seventh
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactAvramLudwigShooting the
 Show Details    Import ContactEric VanLustbaderAny Minute
 Show Details    Import ContactDP (Doug)LyleDeep
 Show Details    Import ContactGayleLyndsThe Assassinswww,
 Show Details    Import ContactMelissaMacGregorThe Curious Steambox
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactIsabellaMaldonadoBLOOD'S
 Show Details    Import ContactLeo J.Maloney
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnManganInto a Dark Frontier 
 Show Details    Import ContactS. LeeManning
 Show Details    Import ContactPhillipMargolin
 Show Details    Import ContactHelaineMarioThe Lost
 Show Details    Import ContactColbyMarshallFlash
 Show Details    Import ContactKatMartin
 Show Details    Import ContactL.J.Martin
 Show Details    Import ContactMatthew QuinnMartin Nightlife
 Show Details    Import ContactWilliamMartinTHE LINCOLN LETTER (2012)
 Show Details    Import ContactJamieMason
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelMayoJimmy and
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactWilliam BurtonMcCormickLenin's Harem
 Show Details    Import ContactValMcDermid  
 Show Details    Import ContactSeanMcFateDeep Black: A Tom Locke Novel
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactAlisonMcMahanThe Saffron
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactAdamMeyer  
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelMichaudTHE
 Show Details    Import ContactJennyMilchmanAs Night
 Show Details    Import ContactDiAnnMillsDeadly Encounter
 Show Details    Import ContactCamilleMinichinoCANCELLED BY
 Show Details    Import ContactMeganMirandaThe Perfect
 Show Details    Import ContactRickMofinaBefore
 Show Details    Import ContactTomMonteleoneThe Silent
 Show Details    Import ContactCatharineMorrealeThere Once Was A Girl 
 Show Details    Import ContactDavidMorrell
 Show Details    Import ContactStephenMorrisStorm
 Show Details    Import ContactBoydMorrisonThe Emperor's
 Show Details    Import ContactWalterMosleyCharcoal
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactEva LeskoNatielloTHE MEMORY
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelNiemannIllicit
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactRosalindNoonanOminous 
 Show Details    Import ContactBarbaraNorton
 Show Details    Import ContactCarlaNortonWhat Doesn't Kill
 Show Details    Import ContactRickOllermanMad Dog
 Show Details    Import ContactHollieOvertonBaby Doll
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactBrianPanowichLIKE
 Show Details    Import ContactAnnParkerWhat Gold
 Show Details    Import ContactT. JeffersonParkerThe Room of White
 Show Details    Import ContactBradParksSAY
 Show Details    Import ContactCarrie StuartParksPortrait of
 Show Details    Import ContactKellyParsonsUnder the Knife
 Show Details    Import ContactJonellePatrickPainted
 Show Details    Import ContactJ.F. (Joanna)PennEnd of
 Show Details    Import ContactNickPetrieBurning
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaPrestonThe Measure of the
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactCaraPutmanBeyond JusticeHttp://
 Show Details    Import ContactMattQuirkDead Man
 Show Details    Import ContactKeithRaffelTemple
 Show Details    Import ContactKarenRandauDeadly
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelRansom  
 Show Details    Import ContactKathyReichs  
 Show Details    Import ContactMichelleRichmondThe Marriage
 Show Details    Import ContactEricRickstadLIE IN
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactBryanRobinsonLimestone
 Show Details    Import ContactM.J.RoseThe Secret Language of Stones 
 Show Details    Import ContactJoeRothsteinThe Latina President and the Conspiracy to Destroy
 Show Details    Import ContactRobertRotsteinJames Patterson's "The Family Lawyer"
 Show Details    Import ContactMarkRubinsteinThe Lovers'
 Show Details    Import ContactKirkRussellSignature
 Show Details    Import ContactNinaSadowskyThe Burial
 Show Details    Import ContactRileySager
 Show Details    Import ContactDavidSalkinBattle Scars
 Show Details    Import ContactJanelleSamaraOur New
 Show Details    Import ContactBasilSands65 Below - Book Furnished by Author
 Show Details    Import ContactTomSawyerThe Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer
 Show Details    Import ContactCraigSchaefer
 Show Details    Import ContactBernardSchafferThe Thief of All
 Show Details    Import ContactBill (William)SchieleTears of the
 Show Details    Import ContactWillSchilb  
 Show Details    Import ContactBillSchweigartThe Devil's Colony
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaScottoline
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelSearsSAVING
 Show Details    Import ContactTomShawverThe Widow's
 Show Details    Import ContactPaulShinHalf
 Show Details    Import ContactYrsaSigurðardóttirThe Undesired 
 Show Details    Import ContactRandallSilvisTwo Days Gone 
 Show Details    Import ContactKevinSinger  
 Show Details    Import ContactKarinSlaughter  
 Show Details    Import ContactCarrieSmithForgotten
 Show Details    Import ContactSusan ArnoutSmith
 Show Details    Import ContactSheilaSobelColor
 Show Details    Import ContactManjuSoni
 Show Details    Import ContactJenniferSoosarParent Teacher
 Show Details    Import ContactMartaSprout
 Show Details    Import ContactLindaStasiBook of
 Show Details    Import ContactWendy CorsiStaubBONE WHITE 
 Show Details    Import ContactSusieSteinerPersons
 Show Details    Import ContactR. L.Stine
 Show Details    Import ContactFritzStrobl MDCyber
 Show Details    Import ContactDavidSwatlingCalvin's
 Show Details    Import ContactGeoffSymonCrime Scenes (Forensics for Fiction) 
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactArtTaylor
 Show Details    Import ContactBradTaylor
 Show Details    Import ContactBrianThiemShallow
 Show Details    Import ContactKaraThomas
 Show Details    Import ContactLarryThompson
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactMaryTorjussenGone Without a Trace 
 Show Details    Import ContactSimonToyneThe Boy Who
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesTuckerNEXT OF
 Show Details    Import ContactWendyTysonFatal
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaUngerThe Red
 Show Details    Import ContactWendyWalkerAll Is Not
 Show Details    Import ContactBobWaltonThe Mask of
 Show Details    Import ContactFrancineWardEsteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self Esteem
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactDebraWebbA DEEPER
 Show Details    Import ContactMartyWeissThe Alchemist
 Show Details    Import ContactRayWenckStealing
 Show Details    Import ContactKateWhiteThe Secrets You Keep 
 Show Details    Import ContactSamWiebe
 Show Details    Import ContactLeonardoWildEL CASO DE LOS MUERTOS DE
 Show Details    Import ContactCarolynWilkinsMojo For Murder: A Bertie Bigelow
 Show Details    Import ContactCarterWilsonRevelation 
 Show Details    Import ContactF. PaulWilsonThe God
 Show Details    Import ContactJeffreyWilsonWAR
 Show Details    Import ContactKevinWolfTHE
 Show Details    Import ContactReavis WorthamHawke's
 Show Details    Import ContactLiliWrightDancing with the
 Show Details    Import ContactRebeccaYorkFound