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 Show Details    Import ContactMarkAlpertThe
 Show Details    Import ContactBrianAndrewsCrusader
 Show Details    Import ContactKathleenAntrim
 Show Details    Import ContactTomAvitabileGive Us This
 Show Details    Import ContactJasonBacklundAmong the Dead: A Rachel Carver
 Show Details    Import ContactJoeBadalSins of the
 Show Details    Import ContactJimBellRomeo's
 Show Details    Import ContactKathyBennettA Deadly
 Show Details    Import ContactSteveBerryThe Bishop's
 Show Details    Import ContactLexiBlakeOrder of Protection: A Courting Justice
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelBradleyFollow You
 Show Details    Import ContactChristineCarboA Sharp
 Show Details    Import ContactL.A.ChandlarThe Silver Gun
 Show Details    Import ContactLynnChandler WillisTell Me No Secrets: Book 1 in the Ava Logan Mystery
 Show Details    Import ContactLeeChild
 Show Details    Import ContactAnneCleelandMurder in
 Show Details    Import ContactJoeCliffordGive Up the
 Show Details    Import ContactBruce RobertCoffinBeyond the
 Show Details    Import ContactLynne ConstantineThe Last Mrs. Parrish
 Show Details    Import ContactValerieConstantineThe Last Mrs.
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnCopenhaverDODGING AND
 Show Details    Import ContactEthanCrossOnly the
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactDeeDavis  
 Show Details    Import ContactJenDelozierStorm
 Show Details    Import ContactKarenDionneThe Marsh King's
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnDixonThe
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnDobbynFatal
 Show Details    Import ContactLauraEllenBlind
 Show Details    Import ContactDanFespermanSafe
 Show Details    Import ContactJosephFinderThe
 Show Details    Import ContactE.J.Findorff
 Show Details    Import ContactCandiceFoxCrimson
 Show Details    Import ContactS.M.FreedmanThe
 Show Details    Import ContactJamieFrevelettiBlood Run 
 Show Details    Import ContactMegGardinerInto the Black
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaGardner  
 Show Details    Import ContactKathleen O'NealGearMaze
 Show Details    Import ContactW. MichaelGearThis Scorched
 Show Details    Import ContactShaneGerickeNone at this time 
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnGilstrapSCORPION
 Show Details    Import ContactChrisGoffRED
 Show Details    Import ContactLeeGoldbergTrue
 Show Details    Import ContactCarolGoodmanThe Other
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexiaGordonDeath in D
 Show Details    Import ContactHeatherGraham
 Show Details    Import ContactS. E.GreenKiller
 Show Details    Import ContactBryanGruleyThe Skeleton Box
 Show Details    Import ContactPatriciaGussinCome
 Show Details    Import
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesHankinsThe Inside
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesHaymanThe Girl on the
 Show Details    Import ContactJenniferHillierJar of
 Show Details    Import ContactBillHubiak  
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexandraIvyPretend You're
 Show Details    Import ContactAlanJacobsonThe Darkness of Evil1250 Newell Ave Suite I-134
 Show Details    Import ContactPeterJamesNeed You
 Show Details    Import ContactStevenJamesEvery Deadly
 Show Details    Import ContactRogerJohnsDark River
 Show Details    Import ContactJoan JohnstonSurrender 
 Show Details    Import ContactBarryLancetTHE SPY ACROSS THE TABLE
 Show Details    Import ContactLouisaLarkin
 Show Details    Import ContactWardLarsenCutting
 Show Details    Import ContactJillianLauren
 Show Details    Import ContactPaulLees-Haley  
 Show Details    Import ContactJohn
 Show Details    Import ContactKentLesterThe Seventh
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesL'EtoileBury The
 Show Details    Import ContactE. LockhartGenuine
 Show Details    Import ContactDP (Doug)
 Show Details    Import ContactGayleLynds  www,
 Show Details    Import ContactEileenMagillHouse of
 Show Details    Import ContactMatthew QuinnMartinNightlife: Night
 Show Details    Import ContactRenaMason www.RenaMason.Ink
 Show Details    Import ContactBobMayerArea 51:
 Show Details    Import ContactAmandaMcKinneyThe
 Show Details    Import ContactAlisonMcMahan
 Show Details    Import ContactKellyMerritt
 Show Details    Import ContactJennyMilchmanWicked
 Show Details    Import ContactCamilleMinichinoADDRESSED TO KILL (as JEAN FLOWERS)
 Show Details    Import ContactLindaMitchell  
 Show Details    Import ContactRickMofinaLast
 Show Details    Import ContactDavidMorrell
 Show Details    Import ContactBoydMorrisonTyphoon
 Show Details    Import ContactWilliamNikkelSailor Take
 Show Details    Import ContactTerri NolanBlue Bird
 Show Details    Import ContactRosalindNoonanPretty, Nasty,
 Show Details    Import ContactCarlaNortonWHAT DOESN'T KILL
 Show Details    Import ContactTjO'ConnorThe
 Show Details    Import ContactRickOllermanas yet
 Show Details    Import ContactAnnParkerWHAT GOLD
 Show Details    Import ContactBradParksCLOSER THAN YOU
 Show Details    Import ContactNickPetrieLight It
 Show Details    Import ContactDaniPettrey Blind Spot
 Show Details    Import ContactLisaPrestonThe Measure of the Moon
 Show Details    Import ContactRickPullenNaked
 Show Details    Import ContactJonathanPutnamFinal Resting
 Show Details    Import ContactLoriRader-DayUnder a Dark
 Show Details    Import ContactT.R.Ragan  
 Show Details    Import ContactRipleyRawlings  
 Show Details    Import ContactBethRhodesStrike
 Show Details    Import ContactDennisRicci
 Show Details    Import ContactEricRickstadWHAT REMAINS OF
 Show Details    Import ContactBryanRobinsonDaily Writing Resilience: Meditations & Inspirations for
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesRollinsThe Demon Crown: A Sigma Force
 Show Details    Import ContactElisabethRose
 Show Details    Import ContactM.J. RoseThe Library of Light and Shadow 
 Show Details    Import ContactPatriciaRosemoorNever Cry
 Show Details    Import ContactKairaRoudaBest Day
 Show Details    Import ContactMikeRubinCASHED OUT 
 Show Details    Import ContactCarrieRubin
 Show Details    Import ContactMarkRubinsteinThe Lovers'
 Show Details    Import ContactHank PhillippiRyanSay No
 Show Details    Import ContactNinaSadowskyThe Burial
 Show Details    Import ContactRileySagerThe Last Time I
 Show Details    Import ContactJanelleSamaraOur New
 Show Details    Import ContactBernard SchafferThe Thief of All
 Show Details    Import ContactMichaelSearsSAVING
 Show Details    Import ContactSheldonSiegelFelony Murder
 Show Details    Import ContactCarrieSmithUnholy
 Show Details    Import ContactSheilaSobelColor
 Show Details    Import ContactManjuSoni  
 Show Details    Import ContactJackSorenThe Tomorrow
 Show Details    Import ContactR. L.Stime
 Show Details    Import ContactLaneStoneStay Calm and Collie
 Show Details    Import ContactAJ "Tony"TataDirect
 Show Details    Import ContactTimTignerFalling
 Show Details    Import ContactCharlesToddThe Gate
 Show Details    Import ContactCharles (Caroline)ToddThe Gate
 Show Details    Import ContactJamesTuckerNEXT OF
 Show Details    Import ContactWendyWalkerEmma In The
 Show Details    Import ContactFrancineWardEsteemable
 Show Details    Import ContactMartyWeissThe Second
 Show Details    Import ContactChristine J.Whitlock
 Show Details    Import ContactCarterWilsonMISTER TENDER'S
 Show Details    Import ContactF. PaulWilsonThe God Gene 
 Show Details    Import ContactJeffreyWilsonCrusader;
 Show Details    Import ContactReavis WorthamHawke's
 Show Details    Import ContactRebeccaYorkPreying
 Show Details    Import ContactMayetYuhico
 Show Details    Import ContactAngelaZemanTales of the