Singletrack 6 2018

Start List 24-Aug-2019
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Full Name (First Last)ST6 Team CategoryST6 Solo CategoryST3 CategoryCountry
Karen Joyce   Canada
Chrissy McConnell 40+ Women Canada
Nicole Gunton 40+ Women United States
Isabel Beauregard 40+ Women Canada
Monica Nelson 40+ Women Canada
Cathy Clifford 40+ Women United Kingdom
Janelle Chubey 40+ Women Canada
Jennifer Schulz 40+ Women Canada
Carey Mark 40+ Women Canada
Fiona Mulvenna 40+ Women Canada
Catherine Jonckeau 40+ Women Canada
Tara Miller 40+ Women Canada
Kirsten Hogan 40+ Women Canada
Shawna Donaldson 40+ Women Canada
Natalie Wood 40+ Women Canada
Shelley Peachell 40+ Women Canada
Erica Spizawka 40+ Women Canada
Tammy Slauenwhite 40+ Women Canada
Chris McKillican 40M Canada
Simon Dove 40M Canada
Abe Valdez 40M United States
Craig Dupree 40M United States
Trevor Pombert 40M Canada
Ian Carbonneau 40M Canada
Ian Murray 40M Canada
Tomi Misser 40M Spain
Patrick Born 40M Switzerland
Regan Arendse 40M Canada
Justin Mark 40M Canada
Jason Linder 40M United States
Richard Proctor 40M South Africa
Andrew Sellars 40M Canada
Russ Wood 40M Canada
Jordan Nicolussi 40M Canada
Michael Robinson 40M Canada
John Peachell 40M Canada
Tim Winter 40M Canada
Erik Bakke 40M Canada
Travis Hauck 40M Canada
Stephen Ushy 40M Canada
Gord Mounce 50M Canada
Yarnin Peled 50M Israel
Andy Crane 50M United Kingdom
Gary Swayze 50M Canada
Richard Davies 50M Canada
Dan Lewark 50M United States
Geoff Clark 50M Canada
Peter Findlay 50M Canada
John Engelberts 50M Canada
Ben Engelberts 50M Netherlands
Warren Borlase 50M New Zealand
Gord McMorland 50M Canada
Dong-Sik Park 50M Korea, Republic of
Mimmo Futia 50M United States
David Nelson 50M Canada
Nick Beck 50M Canada
Paul Cooney 50M Canada
Gary Dearing 50M Canada
Manny Kelm 50M Canada
Bill Slater 50M Canada
Ron Kelley 50M United States
David Dyck 50M Canada
Justin Hines OM Canada
Nathan Dovick OM Canada
Yuzo Kawai OM Canada
Sam Rosenberg OM Canada
Dylan Bailey OM Canada
Ben Sigston OM Canada
Justin Lindine OM United States
Carter Nieuwesteeg OM Canada
Justin Homewood OM Canada
Mike Lawless OM United States
Severin Nowak OM Canada
Chris Johnston OM Canada
Jonas Buchot OM France
Julien Bouille OM Switzerland
Drummond Lawson OM Canada
Evan Guthrie OM Canada
David Huntley OM Canada
Lazarus Difiore OM Canada
Cody Murray OM Canada
Tim Jacobs OM Belgium
Josh Relf OM Canada
Chris Baddick OM United States
Alex Capon OM Canada
Jason Martin OM Canada
Keita Mochizuki OM Japan
Matt Grossnickle OM Canada
Cory Wallace OM Canada
Cole House OM United States
Alex McGuinnis OM Canada
Jonn Axsen OM Canada
Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette OM Canada
Alex Pond OM United States
Janelle Brown OW Canada
Rebecca Beaumont OW Canada
Campbell Steers OW United States
Elyse Nieuwold OW Canada
Mical Dyck OW Canada
Brittany Webster OW Canada
Jena Greaser OW Canada
Kristien Achten OW Belgium
Sarah Olner OW Canada
Saori Hoteida OW Japan
Tony Routley80M  Canada
Michael Boehm80M  Canada
Christian Gauvin80M  Canada
Pascual Fandos Gomez80M  Spain
Emiliano Garayar80M  Spain
Philippe Lebeau80M  Canada
Donald Crisp80M  United States
Todd Hoge80M  United States
Michael Anthes80M  China
Christoph Listmann80M  Germany
Jason Fluckiger80M  Canada
Dale Tiessen80M  Canada
Paul CayerOM  Canada
Paul OgilvieOM  Canada
Peter NilgesOM  Germany
Max SchumannOM  Germany
Paul BokenOM  Canada
Jeff DesRochesOM  United States
Kresten BinderOM  United States
Stephan OstergaardOM  Denmark
Karen TremaineOW  United States
SheriAnne LittleOW  United States
Mimi StocktonOW  United States
Samantha SalterOW  Canada
Meghan MolnarOW  Canada
Mindy MullikenOW  United States
Kaitlyn ShikazeOX  Canada
Nadine SapinOX  France
Erin ReisOX  United States
Tiago ReisOX  United States
Kerstin PichlerOX  Germany
Clemens PichlerOX  Germany
Jeff ShikazeOX  Canada
Simon AndreOX  France
Damian Francis  Open MenCanada
Daniel Cyr  Open MenCanada
Paul Wyminga  Open MenCanada
David Jewell  Open MenUnited States
Steve Sawyer  Open MenCanada
Jason Preston  Open MenCanada
Shane Olin  Open MenCanada
Robert Fitzsimmons  Open MenCanada
Ryan Sandmaiier  Open MenCanada
Clay Ward  Open MenCanada
Matt Ward  Open MenCanada
John Groeneveld  Open MenCanada
Stewart Hutchings  Open MenCanada
Evan Harbinson  Open MenCanada
Ken Kahanyshyn  Open MenCanada
Evan Sherman  Open MenCanada
Zach Janzen  Open MenCanada
Alex Stieda  Open MenCanada
Devin Erfle  Open MenCanada
Rhys McIntyre  Open MenCanada
Shane Rush  Open MenCanada
Christian Leask  Open MenUnited States
Tom Ebbern  Open MenCanada
Mike Kohlenberg  Open MenCanada
Ruan Zwanepoel  Open MenCanada
Kirk Butschler  Open MenCanada
John Churchill  Open MenCanada
Chris McKechnie  Open MenCanada
Jason Sager  Open MenUnited States
Jon Gould  Open MenUnited States
Christopher Wolvin  Open MenUnited States
AJ Stieda  Open MenCanada
Adam Sproule  Open MenCanada
Stephen Adams  Open MenCanada
Steve Vukadinovic  Open MenCanada
Miro Cabaj  Open MenCanada
Charles Koehler  Open MenCanada
Esteban Acuna  Open MenCanada
Noel Lawrence  Open MenCanada
Dan Janzen  Open MenCanada
Albie Malan  Open MenCanada
Ross McEwen  Open MenCanada
Eric Peace  Open MenCanada
Nicolas Cambus  Open MenFrance
Philip Krepela  Open MenCanada
Matthew Clark  Open MenCanada
Chris Joy  Open MenCanada
Pete MacPhie  Open MenCanada
Adam Phaneuf  Open MenUnited States
Christopher Davies  Open MenCanada
Mike Williams  Open MenCanada
Edward Lawson  Open MenCanada
Trevor Roberts  Open MenCanada
Brett Smith  Open MenCanada
Scott Cornelius  Open MenCanada
Denes Purnhauser  Open MenUnited States
Dan Farnham  Open MenUnited States
John Gill  Open MenUnited States
Anjo Roelofs  Open MenCanada
Jeff Wright  Open MenCanada
Derek Fidler  Open MenCanada
Cam Thomas  Open MenCanada
Derek Taylor  Open MenCanada
Jeff Preston  Open MenCanada
Kevin Preston  Open MenCanada
Fraser Smith  Open MenCanada
Neil Pelletier  Open MenCanada
Fred Hayward  Open MenCanada
Kevin Joyce  Open MenCanada
Corey Friesen  Open MenCanada
Trevor Eccles  Open MenUnited States
Dale Madill  Open MenCanada
Chad Holowatuk  Open MenCanada
Cory Fagan  Open MenCanada
Mark Butschler  Open MenCanada
Robin O'Neill  Open MenCanada
Tsering Alleyne  Open MenUnited States
Ryan Young  Open MenCanada
Mike Mercer  Open MenCanada
Mac Potter  Open MenCanada
Jay Grozelle  Open MenCanada
Adam Roberts  Open MenCanada
Tyler Boake  Open MenCanada
Chris Bentley  Open MenCanada
Lacy Eccles  Open WomenUnited States
Eva Laduke  Open WomenCanada
Pam Pearson  Open WomenCanada
Felicity Brosnan  Open WomenAustralia
Melanie Boroja  Open WomenCanada
Michelle Ellis  Open WomenCanada
Erika Spearman  Open WomenCanada
Shauna Kelly  Open WomenCanada
Mar Creixell  Open WomenUnited States
Robin O'Neill  Open WomenCanada
Sheri Foster  Open WomenCanada
Vivian Scalet  Open WomenCanada
Ring Stonechild  Open WomenCanada
Sara Mae Moore  Open WomenCanada
Stephanie Cripps  Open WomenCanada
Heidi Hamilton  Open WomenCanada
Sarah Hauser  Open WomenCanada
Isabelle Tremblay  Open WomenCanada
Renee Frenette  Open WomenCanada
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