Developmental Differences Resource Fair 2018

Developmental Differences Resource Fair 2018 15-Dec-2019
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A Dragonfly Mind LLC
SpecialtyNeuropsychological Testing and Neurodevelopmental Therapy (DIR/Floortime)
Age-range servedall ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)North and Northwest Chicago and Northern/Western Suburbs
Area of NeedNeurodevelopmental Disorders (Autism, ADHD, Communication Disorders, Sensory Processing and Regulatory Disorders, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, Developmental Coordination Problems) and related conditions (Anxiety and Depression)
A to Z Mobility
SpecialtyMobility and Accessibility Equipment
Age-range servedAll
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
ABS Behavioral Services
SpecialtyABA therapy
Age-range served0-18
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicago and near suburbs
Area of NeedAutism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Social Skills, Self-Management, Executive Function
Advocate Children's Hospital
SpecialtyChildren's Health Resource Center
Age-range servedBirth to Adult
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedDevelopmental delays, Autism, ADHD, behavioral health, complex medical conditions
Alan I Rosenblatt, MD
SpecialtyNeurodevelopmental Pediatrics
Age-range served0-18
Neighborhood (or N/A)Skokie, IL
Area of NeedDevelopmental delays, learning disabilities (LD), disorders of attention (ADHD), disorders of self-regulation (includes sensory processing disorder), behavioral disorders, coordination disorders, speech and language disorders, autism spectrum disorders (includes Asperger Syndrome and PDD), intellectual disability (ID) and cerebral palsy (CP)
All Bright Therapies
SpecialtySpeech, Occupational and Feeding Therapy
Age-range servedBirth-Teens
Neighborhood (or N/A)Bucktown
Area of NeedApraxia, articulation and phonological disorders, Autism, ADHD, coordination and body awareness, feeding, fine motor skills, Floortime, language delays and disorders, sensory processing
apex PROaupair
SpecialtyProfessional Live-In Childcare
Age-range served3 Months - 16 years old
Neighborhood (or N/A)n/a
Area of NeedPROaupair is the only au pair agency specializing in professional au pairs, highly experienced au pairs with degrees in childcare-related fields such as pediatric nursing, occupational and physical therapy, special needs education, and early childhood education and teaching. We are dedicated to serving families with children with special needs.
Autism Assessment, Research, Treatment, and Services (AARTS) Center at Rush
SpecialtyLifespan clinical, outreach, and research care
Age-range servedLifespan
Neighborhood (or N/A)Illinois Medical District/Near West Side
Area of NeedIndividuals with Autism, as well as the families and educators that support them
Autism Home Support Services
SpecialtyABA Therapy in Center, Home and School
Age-range served1-21
Neighborhood (or N/A)we serve all of Chicagoland
Area of NeedAutism Home Support Services provides center, school or home-based behavior therapy utilizing the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, a treatment scientifically proven to have the most effective results for helping children with Autism achieve success.
Autism Speaks
SpecialtyFamily Resources
Age-range servedLifespan
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicagoland
Area of NeedProvide Family Resources
100 Day Toolkit among 40+ toolkits which cover the lifespan of an individual with autism
Autism Spectrum Therapies
SpecialtyABA, Family and Individual Therapy
Age-range served2 years to 26 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)West Loop and Northbrook
Area of NeedApplied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has been proven to be the most effective method of autism intervention. It is a widely-researched scientific approach to learning that utilizes principles of behavior to help increase behavior that is supportive to the achievement of life goals and decrease challenging behaviors.
Beard School
SpecialtyEarly Childhood and Special Education
Age-range served3-8
Neighborhood (or N/A)Jefferson Park
Area of NeedSevere/profound disabilities including Autism, emotional difficulties, and multiple disabilities
BGF Performance Systems, LLC
SpecialtyABA Therapy
Age-range served0-10
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAutism and related developmental disorders
Black Bear Academy
SpecialtyTherapeutic and Pre Academic Classes, Therapies
Age-range served18 mo-6 years old
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lakeview/North Center
Area of NeedOral motor/feeding, sensory regulation, receptive/expressive language, social skills/pragmatic language skills, articulation/speech production, motor coordination/planning, fine motor skills, executive functioning skills, separation/transitioning
Blooming Crayons
Age-range served3-15
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedEasy to grip hand-made crayons in a variety of sizes and color combinations.
Blue Bird Day
SpecialtyTherapeutic Day School
Age-range served2-6
Neighborhood (or N/A)West Loop & Northcenter
Area of NeedASD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Apraxia, speech disorders, ADHD, stuttering, feeding disorders and other sensory processing disorders
BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois
SpecialtyManaged Care Organization(MCO)
Age-range servedall ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)all of Illinois
Area of NeedAll developmental delays
Camp Firefly
SpecialtyOvernight Camp (special needs)
Age-range served9-20
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lake Delton, WI
Area of NeedCamp Firefly provides unique life-enriching overnight camp experiences for children, teens and young adults, with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Anxiety, and other related social disorders, needing more support in social situations to foster friendships and positive social interactions.
Chicago ABA Therapy
SpecialtyPediatric ABA Therapy
Age-range served12 months to 6 years+
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lincoln Park
Area of NeedChicago ABA Therapy is a top provider of in-home and clinic-based ABA for children with autism and related developmental delays. The team of clinicians includes top behavior analysts and ABA therapists who specialize in the most cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, including the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
Chicago Center for Music Education (ChiME)
SpecialtyMusic Therapy
Age-range served6 months - adult
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedMusic Therapy is a great fit for diverse learners with one or multiple diagnosis, as well as students without diagnosis who are experiencing challenges i their school or home environment.
Chicago Dance Therapy
SpecialtyDance/Movement Therapy and Counseling
Age-range served0+
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicago and Suburbs
Area of Needall development and intellectual disorders, Autism, ADHD, as well as most psychological/behavioral disorders
Chicago Occupational Therapy
SpecialtyPediatric Occupational Therapy
Age-range served12 months to 6 years+
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lincoln Park
Area of NeedSensory processing disorder, fine and gross motor skill delays, visual processing disorder, self-care skills and daily living skills, autism, developmental disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury (TBI), generalized muscle weakness, Down Syndrome, upper extremity injuries, delayed coordination, and more.
Chicago Park District
SpecialtySpecial Recreation
Age-range served8+
Neighborhood (or N/A)All
Area of NeedDevelopmental delays, intellectual disabilities, deaf and hard of hearing - all types of hearing loss, blind, visual impairments, physical disabilities

Adaptive Programs
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs
Special Olympics Programs
Special Recreation Programs
Veterans Programs
Chicago Public Library
Age-range servedAll ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAutism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and all developmental differences
Age-range served3-22
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicago
Area of NeedAll developmental delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, fine and gross motor delays, visual processing disorder
Chicago School GPS
SpecialtySchool Consultants
Age-range servedPreschool to High School
Neighborhood (or N/A)All
Area of NeedHelping families navigate the especially complex world of special needs schooling.
Chicago Superstars TOPSoccer
SpecialtySoccer League
Age-range served5-12
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedChildren with intellectual and physical impairments can learn to play soccer in a fun and supported environment.
Child & Family Connections
SpecialtyIL DHS Bureau of Early Intervention
Age-range served0-3
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedDiagnoses disabilities or developmental delays such as delays in movement, learning, dealing with others, behavior, and/or self-help skills
Cornerstones Autism Services
SpecialtyABA Therapy Provider
Age-range served2-23
Neighborhood (or N/A)n/a
Area of NeedCornerstones Autism Services specializes in applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) and feels that there are goals that should be met with each child. The goals we strive to reach include functional communication, academic success, interactive and social relationship development, and feedback to the family daily.
CST Academy
SpecialtyTherapeutic Preschool & Kindergarten
Age-range served2-6 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lincoln Park
Area of NeedSensory processing disorder, fine and gross motor skill delays, visual processing disorder, self-care skills and daily living skills, autism, developmental disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury (TBI), generalized muscle weakness, Down Syndrome, upper extremity injuries, delayed coordination, and more.
Dynamic Lynks
SpecialtyMusic Therapy, Social Skills
Age-range served0 - 18
Neighborhood (or N/A)Oak Park
Area of NeedAutism and developmental differences and delays in the areas of communication, socialization, emotional regulation, cognition, and sensorimotor skills
EarlyVention LLC
SpecialtySubscription Activity Boxes, Interactive Stories & Fidgets
Age-range served2-18
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAutism, SPD & other developmental disorders
Easter Seals
Age-range servedNA
Neighborhood (or N/A)NA
Area of NeedNA
Family Voices of Illinois
SpecialtyInformation and resources for all special health needs and disabilities
Age-range served0-21
Neighborhood (or N/A)statewide
Area of Needfamilies of children from birth-21- all special needs/disabilities and/or chronic illnesses
Fit Learning
Age-range served3yrs- 18yrs
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lakeview
Area of NeedWe work with all children regardless of learning abilities and diagnoses including all developmental delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, etc.
GiGi's Playhouse Chicago
SpecialtyDown Syndrome Achievement Center
Age-range servedAll Ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)All
Area of NeedDown Syndrome
Harmony Health Plan
SpecialtyHealth Insurance
Age-range servedFamilies with children
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedFamilies, Children
IlliniCare Health
SpecialtyMedicaid Health Plan
Age-range servedAll Ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)State of Illinois
Area of NeedAll developmental delays
Illinois Action for Children
SpecialtyChild Care Resource and Referral
Age-range servedBirth to 12
Neighborhood (or N/A)Cook County
Area of NeedHelping Families find and pay for child care
Individual and Family Connection
Age-range served2 and up
Neighborhood (or N/A)Roscoe Village
Area of NeedAnxiety, Behavioral Problems, Depression, ADHD/ADD, School Refusal, Attachment Difficulty, Eating Disorders, Impulse Control, Family Conflict, Parenting/Co-Parenting, Trauma
Institute for Therapy through the Arts
SpecialtyCreative Arts Therapy
Age-range servedAll
Neighborhood (or N/A)n/a
Area of NeedSocial skills, communication skills, psychological/behavioral needs
Learning through Play Center for Child Development
SpecialtyPediatric Therapy
Age-range servedbirth-18 yr
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lakeview
Area of NeedAll developmental delays, Autism, genetic disorders, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing disorders (SPD), fine and gross motor delays, visual processing disorders, maladaptive behaviors, social communication disorders, speech disorders or delays, feeding issues, apraxia
LEEP Forward
SpecialtyDevelopmental Pediatric Therapy Clinic, Therapeutic Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, & K-3rd Grade Programming
Age-range served0-13
Neighborhood (or N/A)West Loop
Area of NeedLEEP Forward Inc. is built on best practices rooted in a developmental, individualized relationship based approach, instilling a sense of self confidence, promoting a love of learning, while preparing our students for future academic and social successes.
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
SpecialtyLanguage and Literacy Instruction/School
Age-range served4+
Neighborhood (or N/A)Oak Park, Downtown Chicago, Online
Area of NeedDyslexia, specific learning disability, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, speech or language impairment, hyperlexia, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Down Syndrome
Lumiere Children's Therapy
SpecialtyChildren's Therapy programming, Social Groups, Therapeutic preschool
Age-range servedBirth to 18 years of age
Neighborhood (or N/A)North, south, downtown Chicago
Area of NeedWe help families with a variety of developmental therapy needs including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work Services, Behavior Therapy/ABA, social groups and Therapeutic Preschool program.
Mayor's Office for People with DIsabilities
SpecialtyHuman Services
Age-range servedDepends on Service Requested
Neighborhood (or N/A)City of Chicago
Area of NeedMOPD promotes total access, full participation and equal opportunity for people with disabilities of all ages in all aspects of life. It seeks to accomplish this mission through a multi-faceted approach that includes systemic change, education and training, advocacy and direct services.

Metropolitan Schoolhouse
SpecialtyIndependent School
Age-range servedK-12
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lincoln Park
Area of NeedAnxiety, ADHD, Learning Disabilities
Midwest Academy for Gifted Education
Age-range served5-12
Neighborhood (or N/A)West Town
Area of NeedGifted developmental profile, twice exceptional
Molina Healthcare of Illinois
SpecialtyMedicaid health plan for those with a disability
Age-range served0-64
Neighborhood (or N/A)n/a
Area of NeedMedicaid
North Shore Pediatric Therapy
SpecialtyMulti-disciplinary Pediatric Therapy
Age-range served0-18
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicagoland and suburbs
Area of NeedSensory Processing Disorder, speech and language disorders, articulation, anxiety, ADHD, feeding, Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays, gross motor, fine motor, visual processing, challenging behaviors (tantrums, aggression, etc.), receptive/expressive language, torticolis, executive functioning
One Hope United
SpecialtyHead Start Program
Age-range served3 - 5 years old
Neighborhood (or N/A)Edgewater and Bridgeport
Area of Needrecruitment of children with special needs to participate in head start program
Pediatric Holistic Wellness Providers of Chicago
SpecialtyChiropractic, Acupunture, Yoga Therapy and Meditation
Age-range served0+
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedProvide a holistic approach to health for Chicago families.
PlayWorks Therapy, Inc.
SpecialtyPediatric Therapy: Speech, Developmental, Occupational, and Social Work
Age-range servedBirth to Ten Years Old
Neighborhood (or N/A)Roscoe Village
Area of NeedPlayWorks addresses developmental delays in speech, feeding, self-regulation, sensory processing, social skills, and many other facets of childhood development. We also assist those with diagnoses such as ASD, Down syndrome, and ADHD.
Pyramid Early Learning Center
SpecialtyTherapeutic Preschool
Age-range served2 1/2 to 6 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)Avondale / Logan Square
Area of NeedAll developmental delays, Autism, genetic disorders, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing disorders (SPD), fine and gross motor delays, visual processing disorders, maladaptive behaviors, social communication disorders, speech disorders or delays, feeding issues, apraxia
SpecialtyApplied Behavior Analysis Services
Age-range served0-25 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)Ravenswood Manor
Area of NeedReachABA provides in-home ABA services including parent education, school consultation, and collaboration with other providers. Our experienced team helps families and their children throughout the Chicago area reach their fullest potential!
Resource Center for Autism & Developmental Delays
SpecialtyResource Room
Age-range servedAll ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicagoland area
Area of NeedRCADD provides no-cost resources, referrals, and training related to autism and developmental delays. We serve families, teachers, and professionals.
Roots Autism Solutions
SpecialtyIn-home and community-based ABA provider
Age-range servedbirth - 21 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicago and surrounding suburbs
Area of NeedAutism, Aspergers, Pervasive Developmental Delay, School Advocacy
Roots Family Chiropractic
SpecialtyMedical - Family Chiropractor
Age-range servedNewborn to Adult
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lincoln Park
Area of Need
Rubin Law
SpecialtySpecial Needs Legal & Future Planning
Age-range servedall
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedLegal and future planning for our fellow Illinois families of individuals with special needs, including intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and/or mental illness, is not one thing we do, it’s the only thing we do; it’s not one area of our practice, it’s our only area of practice.
Sequel Youth and Family Services
SpecialtyResidential Treatment Provider
Age-range served4-21
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAutism Spectrum Disorder, Borderline to Severe Intellectual Impairment, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Delays and Neurobehavioral Challenges.
Smart Love Family Services
SpecialtyChild and Family Counseling Services, Psychoeducational Evaluations and Testing, Treatment for Autism, Therapeutic Tutoring
Age-range servedBirth through adolescents
Neighborhood (or N/A)Logan Square and Oak Park
Area of NeedADHD, trauma/abuse, adoption, anxiety, depression, school and peer problems, autism spectrum disorder, eating disorder, behavioral/discipline problems, family transitions (divorce/death), chronic medical illness and disabilities
STARNET Chicago Public Schools ODLSS
SpecialtyParent Workshops & Training's/ Educator Professional Development Training's
Age-range servedBirth to 8
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedEarly CHildhood
Diverse Learners
Special Education
Parent Resources
Steinberg Behavior Solutions
SpecialtyABA Therapy
Age-range served2-10
Neighborhood (or N/A)Chicago
Area of NeedChildren with Autism
Stock Early Childhood Center
SpecialtyPreschool / Early Childhood Special Education
Age-range servedAges 3-5
Neighborhood (or N/A)Edison Park
Area of NeedBlended Preschool
Early Childhood Special Education
Therapeutic Services
Rainbow Dog Therapy
CHiME Music Class
TeacherCare (Private Teachers & Child Specialists)
SpecialtyEducational Child Care
Age-range servedBirth-School Age
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAll.
The Field Museum
SpecialtyCultural Institution
Age-range servedAll ages
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedWe offer programs for people with sensory needs.
The Ginkgo Psychology Group
SpecialtyPsychotherapy and Assessment
Age-range served3 and up
Neighborhood (or N/A)West Loop
Area of NeedAssessment and treatment of Autism, learning disorders, anxiety, social difficulties, adjustment and school accommodations.
The I Feel... Children's Series
SpecialtyResource Tools
Age-range served3-6
Neighborhood (or N/A)Lakeview
Area of NeedEmotional Awareness, Autism, early reading
The OCD & Anxiety Center
SpecialtyMental Health
Age-range served2-65+
Neighborhood (or N/A)Oak Brook
Area of NeedWe provide specialized, evidence-based outpatient treatments for OCD and anxiety disorders. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and exposure-based interventions are the treatments of choice, and therapy can be conducted outside of the office setting to address situations where anxiety happens the most (e.g., home, schools, hospitals, public places).
The Place for Children with Autism
SpecialtyCenter based ABA therapy
Age-range served2yrs-6yrs
Neighborhood (or N/A)Portage Park, Pilsen, Mount Greenwood
Area of NeedAutism
Travelers Aid Chicago
SpecialtyAirport Social Services
Age-range served1-100
Neighborhood (or N/A)O'Hare
Area of NeedAPEX - Airport Practice Experience;
Tuesday's Child
SpecialtyBehavior Management
Age-range served7 and under
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAll developmental delays
Variety the Children's Charity of Illinois
SpecialtyFamily Support
Age-range served0-21
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedVariety of disabilities, including those requiring adaptive mobility equipment and support
We Rock The Spectrum - Chicago KIDS GYM
SpecialtySensory Gym for ALL kids, OT, PT, SLP, classes, camps, parties
Age-range served0-13
Neighborhood (or N/A)N/A
Area of NeedAll developmental delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, fine and gross motor delays, social language disorders
Wee Speech, P.C.
SpecialtySpeech/Language Evaluation and Treatment
Age-range servedBirth-18 years
Neighborhood (or N/A)Near North Chicago/Suburban North
Area of NeedApraxia, articulation, receptive and expressive language delay and disorder, auditory processing disorder, voice, fluency, augmentative communication, feeding disorder, written language disorder
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