2016 WFOA 61st Annual Conference

Conference Registered Attendees 11-Dec-2019
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 Full Name (Last, First)Job Title
 Show Details    Import ContactAdams, JohnFinance Director/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactAddington, JulieDeputy Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactAlba, ElizabethDirector of Finance
 Show Details    Import ContactAlexander, MiaFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactAllen, TempleBudget Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactAmundson, SheriAsst Finance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactAnderson, GinaDeputy Clerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactAnderson, JeanSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactAnderson, Rodney 
 Show Details    Import ContactAnderson, TimAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactAndrews, KenFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactArd, Sherrie 
 Show Details    Import ContactArguinzoni, MariaAccounting Clerk
 Show Details    Import ContactAriwoola, AdeFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactArmijo, SadieDeputy Director of Local Audit
 Show Details    Import ContactAttwood, AliceClerk-Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactAttwood, Craig 
 Show Details    Import ContactAuman, KimSenior Accounting Associate
 Show Details    Import ContactBabbitt, JeffPublic Works Business Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBailey, MikeTechnology Services Director
 Show Details    Import ContactBaldwin, JohnAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBartram, Jerri 
 Show Details    Import ContactBauer, ScottPrincipal
 Show Details    Import ContactBauman, MichelleAcct Clerk III
 Show Details    Import ContactBeaudry, LauriVP Relationship Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBecker, PeterVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactBeierle, JenniferFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBelli, AuroraAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactBennett, DarrenFinancial Services Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBennett, StephenVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactBerry, LaurenAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBilyeu, RockyAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBisconer, LynetteDeputy Clerk Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactBishop, BrianRetro Program Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBlacker, RoanPresident
 Show Details    Import ContactBlaisdell, LeslieFinance Director/Risk Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBledsoe, CarrieCSR II
 Show Details    Import ContactBlumenthal, JimVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactBly, JenniferPort Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactBoese, LindaAccounts Payable
 Show Details    Import ContactBoisselle, ChristyAdministration Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactBonck, Aaron 
 Show Details    Import ContactBooher, DebbieFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactBoswell, KellyAdministrative Services Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBothwell, ChrisFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactBourne, ReneAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBowman, JanetChief Deputy
 Show Details    Import ContactBoyer, TallieAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBoyle, AngieFiscal Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactBraaten, JeanFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBradshaw, DianeAccounting Tech
 Show Details    Import ContactBrainich, TatyanaSenior Management Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactBramlett, RayettaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBrant, LaurenManaging Director
 Show Details    Import ContactBrending, JanClerk Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactBrewer, CarrieDeputy Clerk
 Show Details    Import ContactBrimacombe, RyanAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBritton, JaimeSenior Accounting Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactBrooks, Mary LouDeputy Treasurer/Bookkeeper
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, DeanFinancial Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, JanaAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, JeannieAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, LisaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, SheleneChief Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBrown, TomFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactBroyles, JackFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactBryant, LoriAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBryant, TheresaSecretary
 Show Details    Import ContactBuening, MarkDirector of Budget/Finance
 Show Details    Import ContactBuerke, ShannenAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactBundy, PaulSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactBurgett, ShelleyManager of Finance
 Show Details    Import ContactBurgos, AmySenior Accounting Associate
 Show Details    Import ContactBustos, KimDirector of Accounting
 Show Details    Import ContactButler, BeckyBudget Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactButterfield, BrianFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactCaldwell, CaitlinAssociate
 Show Details    Import ContactCallahan, PegyAdministrative Director
 Show Details    Import ContactCannon, JonRelationship Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCarberry, MonikaFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCarlson, DougMarketing Support Executive
 Show Details    Import ContactCarrier, BritnySenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactCarter-Hoskinson, StephanySenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactCentanni, SaraAccounting Treasury Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactChandler, MichaelAccounting & Treasury Assistant Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactChilds, HeidiFiscal Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactCHINN, CLIFF 
 Show Details    Import ContactChirowamangu, AngelineAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactChurch, BrennanVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactClark, Kathy 
 Show Details    Import ContactClark, MaylinAdministrative Program Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactClarke, AndyMarketing & Field Representative
 Show Details    Import ContactClayton, TammyChief Financial Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactClifton, KarenDirector of Finance & Administration
 Show Details    Import ContactCline, AngelaDivision Accounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactClinton, MarkCounty Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactClouse, AnitaBusiness & Finance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactColbo, SueAccounting Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactColin, AnnaFinance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactCollins, JodiUtilities Financial Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCollins, KellyDirector of Local Audit
 Show Details    Import ContactCone, RonaldRetired
 Show Details    Import ContactConn, KarenStaff Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactConnor, KareyOffice Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactConti, HollyAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCoons, SteveAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCooper, MickieSenior Accounting Clerk
 Show Details    Import ContactCorcoran, ColleenFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactCornelius, ShirleyBusiness Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactCoverdell, AileenFinancial Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactCowan, VickieBudget & Finance Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactCragun, DebyCity Clerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactCramer, DouglasTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactCrampton, VirgilSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactCrandall, DrewAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactCrawshaw-Lewis, Stacey 
 Show Details    Import ContactCrocker, DebbieAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactCrocker, NoahCity Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactCruz, IsabelGrants Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactCurran, PatrickGeneral Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDahlstrom, DebiFiscal Services - AA3
 Show Details    Import ContactDanielson, SheilaFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDavis, LeonardAccountant II
 Show Details    Import ContactDawson, CraigPresident
 Show Details    Import ContactDeFrancisco, JohnFinancial Operations Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDekker, RosaTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactDeMello, DeeAdmin Support
 Show Details    Import ContactDeng, SheilaSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactDickman, JimBudget Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDietz, MeganAccounting Director
 Show Details    Import ContactDilley, JenniferAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDingler, LisaAccounting Tech IV
 Show Details    Import ContactDoerschuk, ChrisA/P Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactDomine, KimberlyAssistant Accounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDomrese, DanAccountant/Budget Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactDowns, KathySenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactDragon, ChadAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactDraper, HeidiAccounting Assistant III
 Show Details    Import ContactDrennan, TinaFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDrummond, KippComptroller/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactDufault, MichelleSenior Operations Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactDuffey, DanAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactDuvall, ThadCounty Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactEaley, TrinaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactEdde, MikeFinancial Supervior
 Show Details    Import ContactEdwards, NicoleAccountant I
 Show Details    Import ContactEhrich, Theresia M.Chief Deputy
 Show Details    Import ContactElliott, RassyAccounting Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactEmerson, JoAnnFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactEmry, TrishBusiness Finance Officer III
 Show Details    Import ContactEslick, Teresa 
 Show Details    Import ContactEstes, BrandyAdministrative Assistant
 Show Details    Import ContactEstudillo, SandraAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactExtine, DouglasDeputy State Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactFace, AndrewVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactFacer, JeanetteFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactFadden, JoanieSheriff's Finance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactFanning, AmySenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactFARACA, DEELAYNESr. Acct. Tech.
 Show Details    Import ContactFarr, SarahAccounting Technician
 Show Details    Import ContactFerguson, BrandyFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactFerrer-Santa Ines, JenniferFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactFields, JimAssistant General Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactFISHER, JEANAeReceivables Consultant
 Show Details    Import ContactFitzgerald, MelissaAccounting Clerk
 Show Details    Import ContactFlaa, JustinFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactFlemetis, ShellyChief Treasury/Investment Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactFohn, AnnaSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactFolkers, AngieFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactFolkers, MichaelFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactFoltz, TeresaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactFranks, AmyAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactFreshwaters, BrettCFO
 Show Details    Import ContactFritts, BlaineFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactFrock, KatiaDirector
 Show Details    Import ContactFrueh, LarryFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactFuchs, KristinAssociate Finance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactFuhrer, KevinAssistant Finance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGagan, CPA, John L.Finance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGale, Ann Marie 
 Show Details    Import ContactGalicz, CatrinaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGalvan, BrendaFiscal Technician III
 Show Details    Import ContactGarcia, KristinFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGarent, DavidSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGarrett, JulieFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGarrison, BettyFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGarwood, BrittanyAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGassaway, MarkFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGeare, Ben 
 Show Details    Import ContactGeiger, SusanAccounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGeorge, JordanAccounting Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactGibson, CarlyAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGibson, CherieChief Financial Officer, CPA
 Show Details    Import ContactGier, JamieAuditor
 Show Details    Import ContactGillespie, RobDeputy Treasurer/Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGleed, PerlaAccounting Tech
 Show Details    Import ContactGoehring, RobertCity Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactGolden, AngelaFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGoldrick, BrianFinancial Management Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactGoldstein, RobertChief Financial Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactGomez, AngelinaExecutive Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGomez, JuanitaController
 Show Details    Import ContactGonzales, ReynaManager of Financial Services
 Show Details    Import ContactGoodwin, KarenChief Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactGraham, ShawnaTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactGrant, CherylFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactGratzer, LindaPR/Benefits Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactGravelle, AmyClerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactGregg, MarkGeneral Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGregory, Deanna 
 Show Details    Import ContactGriffin, GregAdmin Svcs Mgr
 Show Details    Import ContactGriggs, JimAssistant Audit Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGrinnell, JeannineCFO
 Show Details    Import ContactGritton, DeniseFinancial Planning Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactGrone, WandaCounty Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactGroth, SarahFiscal Analyst 4
 Show Details    Import ContactGrove, Larry E.Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactGuwin, TiffanyAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactHaberbush, MaryFinancial Services Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactHaines, TanyaaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactHale, LaurieTreasury Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactHallett, JaeConsulting Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactHand, KarenFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactHankinson Russell, KellyTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactHanna, Ayman 
 Show Details    Import ContactHansen, MitchShareholder
 Show Details    Import ContactHarnasch, Sue A.Finance/HR Director
 Show Details    Import ContactHarper, StefanieAdministrative Services Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactHarvey, WendyAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactHaugen, SaraPublic Deposit Team
 Show Details    Import ContactHawn, JanFianance Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactHayter, CarmenSr. Finance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactHeath, SuzanneFinancial Services Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactHeimbigner, GordonTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactHeinselman, GailGovernment Relationship Manager VP
 Show Details    Import ContactHendrickson, RobertFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactHensley, JakeAccountant II
 Show Details    Import ContactHermoso, NidaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactHiddleson, EdwardVice President
 Show Details    Import ContactHill, HeatherAccounting Assistant
 Show Details    Import ContactHill, JoyceFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactHill, RickPublic Works Superintendent
 Show Details    Import ContactHimichuk, AnnaPrincipal Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactHinchliffe, RandallCity Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactHoene, RonSenior Financial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactHoerner, TimFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactHofmann, KarenFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactHoraski, MarkChief Financial Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactHostenske, JillianFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactHough, DaleFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactHubbard, LeannFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactHudson, DonFinance Director/President
 Show Details    Import ContactHuff, JamesAccounting Services
 Show Details    Import ContactHughes, MichelleChief Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactHunt, HeidiAuditor
 Show Details    Import ContactIngalls, JanetVP Fixed Income Institutional Sales
 Show Details    Import ContactInkpen, HollyOffice Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactIsenbeg, Miriam 
 Show Details    Import ContactJacobson, KariAsst Clerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactJaderlund, MicheleAuditor
 Show Details    Import ContactJahns, Ruthie-Lee 
 Show Details    Import ContactJames, ScottFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactJarvis, PaulManaging Director
 Show Details    Import ContactJech, NikkiFinance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactJensen, MarkSenior Vice President
 Show Details    Import ContactJensen, TimCFO
 Show Details    Import ContactJester, KarenFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnson, Alexandra E.Assistant State Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnson, CathyFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnson, TeresaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactJohnston, AlexSenior Vice President
 Show Details    Import ContactJones, Evon 
 Show Details    Import ContactJones, KayClerk-Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactJones, MaryFiscal Officer/Management Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactJones, Missy 
 Show Details    Import ContactJones, TamaraHLS Region 1 Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactJudd, KylePublic Works Managerial Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactJudd, TonyDistrict Secretary
 Show Details    Import ContactJutte, JanRetired
 Show Details    Import ContactKaribo, Collin 
 Show Details    Import ContactKaune, Allison 
 Show Details    Import ContactKeefer, WandaPort Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactKemp, ChrisChief Financial Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactKim, LeonardChief Finance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactKimble, SteveAssistant Secretary/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactKinley, LeanaCity Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactKinney, JesseChief Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactKirkpatrick, JulietSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactKlobucher, Marcie 
 Show Details    Import ContactKnorr, RickCFO
 Show Details    Import ContactKnudson, ErinManager of Accounting
 Show Details    Import ContactKnutsen, GeraldFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactKoelzer, JosieTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactKoerner, AliceCity Clerk Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactKohler, DaveDirector of Business Services
 Show Details    Import ContactKokot, RobynAccountant II
 Show Details    Import ContactKostick, Niles 
 Show Details    Import ContactKovalchuk, SergeBusiness & Finance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactKrishnan, SridharFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactKroll, ThomTreasury Services Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactKuney, MaryChief Deputy Auditor
 Show Details    Import ContactKuria, IbrahimController
 Show Details    Import ContactLahde, JulieSupervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactLamb, BrendaAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactLamb, EdithProject Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactLamb, GregoryTax Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactLambert, MarieGrants & Fiscal Projects Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactLamoreaux, Ken 
 Show Details    Import ContactLangdon, SandyFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactLanphear, Alexis 
 Show Details    Import ContactLara, EliaFianance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLaughlin, JennManagement Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactLaw, PhillipProject Specialist VI
 Show Details    Import ContactLeach, RandiFinancial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactLeahy, DanSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactLee, DebbieClerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactLeFree, DanInterim Business Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLegard, DanFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactLegge, JeffManaging Director
 Show Details    Import ContactLeonard, WendyCustomer service Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactLeonard-Chaffin, DarciePayroll Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactLeuthold, NickAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactLewis, KristaPayroll Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactLewis, TaraFinancial Services Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLieuallen, MichaelFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLincoln, VictoriaGovernment Relations Advocate
 Show Details    Import ContactLindgren, EvaPrincipal
 Show Details    Import ContactLindsey, JerryTreasury Accounting Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLindsey, KarenFinancial Controller
 Show Details    Import ContactListon, BobChief, Administrative Services
 Show Details    Import ContactLogan, DavidFinance Director/Office Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactLoos, ScottFinance/HR Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLorentzen, KevinSenior Financial Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactLowe, SaraDeputy Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactLowell, EricFinance & Business Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactLutz, JoanAccountant
 Show Details    Import ContactLynds, SarahDeputy Director
 Show Details    Import ContactMack, Lena 
 Show Details    Import ContactMadigan, CindyFiscal Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactMadison, MikeSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactMaguire, KatieAccounting Assistant 3
 Show Details    Import ContactMaha, JulyBusiness & Finance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactMai, Carla 
 Show Details    Import ContactMaib, AnnetteFinancial Operations Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactMaKaeli, DianeChief Financial Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactMaley, JohnVP Institutional Sales
 Show Details    Import ContactManaloor, SusanBusiness & Finance Officer II
 Show Details    Import ContactMano, StephanieBusiness Finance Officer
 Show Details    Import ContactMarchant, TerrinaSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactMartin, AllanTreasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactMartin, MargaretFinance Manager
 Show Details    Import ContactMartinez, AnabelDeputy Clerk/Treasurer
 Show Details    Import ContactMason, DanaSenior Accountant
 Show Details    Import ContactMason, DunyeleFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactMathis, ChrisFinance Director
 Show Details    Import ContactMattern, DenisePayroll Specialist
 Show Details    Import ContactMaurer, MichaelAccounting Supervisor
 Show Details    Import ContactMayer, MarciFinance Tech
 Show Details    Import ContactMcCauley, MarkCentral Services Director
 Show Details    Import ContactMcClelland, CynthiaManagement Analyst
 Show Details    Import ContactMcDaniel, AndreaFinance Coordinator
 Show Details    Import ContactMcDonald, Jenna R.City Administrator
 Show Details    Import ContactMcDougald, TeresaFiscal Services Manager
 Show Details