Business Analytics Bootcamp with Pentaho [Birmingham, UK] (English)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Business Analytics Bootcamp with Pentaho [Birmingham, UK] (English)
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 09:00 -
Friday, 21 September 2012 17:00 (Central European Time)

+44 121 616 0415
Victoria Square,
B1 1BD
United Kingdom

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    Payment online with a credit card : 2500 USD or 1600£
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  • Payment by invoice : 2000 Eur or 1700£

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Day 1

Module Est. Duration (hours)
Pentaho Platform Concepts
Discusses the concepts of Business Intelligence and architecture of the Pentaho BI platform.
Installation of the Pentaho BI Suite
Provides experience installing the Pentaho BI Suite.
Analysis Solutions Overview
Presents an overview of the concepts and typical architecture of analysis solutions, including star schemas, fact tables and dimensions.
Dimensional Modeling
Describes and provides hands-on experience with dimensional modeling and building star schemas.
ETL and Pentaho Data Integration Overview
Explores the concepts and basics of extract, transform, and load tools and Pentaho Data Integration.

Day 2

Module Est. Duration (hours)
Pentaho Data Integration
Provides hands on experience with the techniques to pull data from a data source (flat file, relational table, etc) and move it to another. Labs will load relational Star Schema designed on Day 1.
Look-ups and Field Transformations
Provides experience with the techniques for performing look-ups, joining various sources of data, and transforming individual fields during transformations.
Set and Pivot Transformations
Builds on the Look-ups and Field Transformations module by exploring for sorting and manipulating sets of data.
Jobs and Transformations
Explores techniques for arranging transformations into jobs including the scheduling of jobs.

Day 3

Module Est. Duration (hours)
Pentaho Analysis
Introduces the tools, concepts, and architecture of Pentaho Analysis.
Students create a Mondrian cube against the star schema created on Day 2, then drill and pivot the data using the User Console.
Schema Workbench
Students will learn how to use Schema Workbench to create their first Analysis xml schema.

Day 4

Module Est. Duration (hours)
Introduction to the Reporting Concepts
Introduction of the Report Designer to produce high fidelity reports, including calculations and expressions.
Report Wizard
Explores techniques for creating and publishing a report using the Report Wizard.
Report Designer
Provides hands on experience with connecting to a dataset, Design Elements, the use of Hyperlinks, Report Functions and Groupings.


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