Continuous Realization

Achberg (near Lindau), Bavaria
Thursday, 30 March 2017

C o n t i n u o u s    R e a l i z a t i o n
An advanced Six-Month Open Path Program
2017  *  Himmelreich Retreat Center  * Germany
with Pir Alias Amidon


The Program
This is the first in a series of advanced Open Path programs intended for those who have previously completed a nine-month Open Path training. This six-month program will consist of two four-day seminars to be held at Himmelreich, near Lindau, Germany, in the Spring and Autumn of 2017. In the months between the two seminars, participants will receive readings, exercises and practices, as well as have the opportunity to join group conference calls with Elias approximately every three weeks. Partner calls and individual calls with Elias will also be available.

The Theme
The theme of the program is Continuous Realization — recognizing and living one’s realization as a dynamic process inclusive of all experiences of one’s life. We will be learning how to experience the entirety of our lives as a field of continuous realization — realization that is guided by curiosity, humility, and creativity.

The following partial list of sub-themes (not necessarily in this order) will give you an idea of the program’s curriculum:

The way you live your life * Changing your relationship with your mind stream * 
Reducing self-talk * Asking if you are full of yourself  * Opening the heart * 
Motivation and longing * Living realization * Awakening is like a river * 
The vast possibilities of realization * Being interested in everything * 
Freedom and free will * The nature of the Totality * Making all things new * 
Spontaneous becoming * Loving oneself * Loving others * Loving more * 
The shoreless ocean of unconditional love * The way of the dervish * 
The open heart in everyday life * The wisdom of the body * 
Finding, losing, and re-finding ease * The mystery of happiness and sorrow * 
Being with pain and suffering * Realization and depression * 
The marriage of pure awareness and love * The practice of blessing * 
The communion of humor * Play * Being me being All * This is it! * 
Be always coming Home * Gliding

Seminar dates:   March 30 - April 2, 2017
October 12 - 15, 2017

The seminars at Himmelreich begin at 2 PM on Thursday (no lunch provided) and end after lunch on Sunday. Please plan to arrive at Himmelreich no later than 1:00 PM on the Thursday to get settled in your room.

Himmelreich is a beautiful retreat center located near the town of Lindau, Germany, close by Lake Constance. It can be reached easily by train from Zurich (1 ½ hours) or Munich (2 hours). Directions to Himmelreich will be sent to you upon registration.

The tuition fee for the six-month program is €1,000. For those on a limited income, there are partial scholarships available. If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship, please write to describing your situation and the amount you are able to pay.

The fee for accommodation and meals (dinner Thursday to lunch Sunday) at Himmelreich is €300 for each seminar, paid directly to Himmelreich. There is a €50 surcharge for a single room. (Arriving Wednesday and departing Monday is also possible.)  

Registration is open to all graduates of a 9-month Open Path program. This announcement is being sent first to graduates of Open Path trainings at Himmelreich — it will be announced to Open Path graduates from other centers after the 1st of November 2016. 


Contact Details

Payment Instructions

      • Registration can be completed with a deposit of €300.  

        Balances are due four weeks before the start of the program.  It is possible to pay in two instalments, with 1/2 of the total due four weeks prior to each seminar.

        You can complete your balance payment through any of the following methods:
        • Log back into your registration and choose "Change your Registration" - you will be provided with an option to make a payment on your balance, or
        • Email your payment request to