Sufi Way Celebrant training 2017

Bath, Somerset
Friday, 23 June 2017

Sufi Way Celebrant Training

Foundation Workshop and 9-month Action Learning led by Pir Elias and Murshid Sharif

 Workshop: June 23-25, 2017
Barrow Castle, Bath, UK

Following the successful Training of Sufi Way Celebrants in 2015-2016,  enabling a number of people from various countries to conduct weddings, funerals, child blessings and other rituals, Elias and Sharif will be leading a second training in 2017-2018.

The Training consists of:

1. The foundation workshop which will be held at Barrow Castle, Bath, UK on June 23rd evening to lunch-time on the 25th, which will cover the core principles and approaches and practice in creating and conducting rituals and ceremonies.

2. Nine months' action learning phase when participants will be asked to:
  • Attend five different types of religious ceremonies with an open heart and full participation.
  • Be a celebrant for a ritual or rite of passage with supervision and support.
  • Read and contribute to the Sufi Way resources for different ceremonies.
3. An integration workshop at Barrow Castle, Bath, UK in 2018, where those who are ready, and who are Sufi Way mureeds, will also be initiated at Sufi Way Celebrant.

4.Trainees will also receive a copy of the new Celebrant workbook.

We will be joined some of the participants of the first training, some of whom who are still completing their training.

The programme is open to all those who are either Open Path Graduates of Sufi Way mureeds, or mureed of other Inayati orders.

The cost of the complete Training is £250. Residential accommodation will be charged separately either at Barrow Castle or a local recommended Bed and Breakfast, or staying with local mureeds.

To request further information please send a letter, stating your interest and background to Sharif Peter Hawkins at
Path:recognizing Nondual Awareness andFree Medicine: Meditationson Nondual Awakening


Contact Details

Payment Instructions

  • Registration can be completed with a deposit of £75.  

    Balances are due two months before the start of the program.  

    You can complete your balance payment through any of the following methods:
      Log back into your registration and choose "Change your Registration" - you will be provided with an option to make a payment on your balance, or Email your payment request to