Studio Refresher and Upgrade (v11.0): Remote Webex with Hands-on

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Training the Experts
Expert Training in CVP Scripting, VXML, Speech Recognition
Studio Refresher and Upgrade (v11.0): Remote Webex with Hands-on
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Studio Refresher and Upgrade

This class begins with a refresher by building an application in Studio 11.0 using material covered in the previous Call Studio training classes and reminding students of many important details.

Review Topics Include:
Two Hours will be spent creating an application that contains the Studio elements for collecting input, playing it back, and using a database focusing on elements or functionality that has changed between versions.

    New CVP 10.5 Topics Include:
    Then we enhance the application using Studio 10.5 and 11.0 elements and functionality.

    • Subflows - subroutines within an app that can receive and return parameters to the main flow. These are like Subdialogs, but reside within the same app.
    • Enhanced event handling:
      • Catch java exceptions (This was never available before!) locally and globally
        • If our DB down, we'll switch to backup db
        • If a date isn't valid, we'll catch the Say it Smart exception and alert the caller they've entered an invalid date
      • Catch VoiceXML events - locally and globally
      • Use the new LastException variable to provide event details - location of the event, event name and event type
    • Alert element to throw SNMP or Syslog alerts
    • Throw element to throw custom exceptions

    New CVP 11.0 Topics Include:

    • REST Client element to interface with REST web services - we'll collect current stock prices from Yahoo Finance web service
    • Learn to parse XML and JSON returned by web services using the Set Value element
    • String functions are now possible using the Set Value element to perform substrings, string length, etc. We'll access the last4 of an account number for logging.
    • Use a new CVP utility to check if a date or time is valid to prevent Java exceptions caused by Say it Smart.
    • Local Data - a new variable type created by the Set Value element - useful but quirky. Learn some workarounds.
    • Enhanced Call Studio Debugger features:
      • Use Microsoft TTS and retrieve/play audio files
      • Display activity and error logs
      • Set Break points and change variables and settings while debugging
      • Work with multiple applications for Application Transfers and Subdialogs

    2 Days

    PREREQUISITES:Call Studio Training or Experience


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