2018 TDHA Annual Conference Student Registration

Frisco, Texas
Friday, February 02, 2018
2018 TDHA Annual Conference Student Registration
Friday, February 02, 2018 - Sunday, February 04, 2018

Embassy Suites Dallas Frisco Hotel Convention Cent
(972) 712-7200
7600 John Q Hammons Drive
Frisco, Texas 75034
United States

Map and Directions

“We Can Do It"

Registration:  $125 per student   

LATE OR CANCELLED Registration Fee:
$25.00 per student administration fee after deadline of January 15, 2017

Please register by January 15, 2017

NO refunds allowed unless written notice is given two weeks prior to the event. Any requests after the deadline will not be eligible for a refund until the TDHA board is able to meet. 

This page will serve as your guide to help your Student Annual Conference be a success!  Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help make your Annual Conference more enjoyable and will prove to be one of the best memories of dental hygiene school!

First things first….what does it mean to be a student member and why do we have an Annual Conference?   What does it mean to be a dental hygiene member of ADHA?

ADHA is the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.  Students are members of this association, too!   You may have previously heard the term “SCADHA”, ADHA wants you to know that students are not a separate organization and you are a Student Member.  Once you graduate, you can be converted to Active Membership status by using the ADHA website or calling ADHA with your license number you will be converted to an Active Member of ADHA!  By attending the Student Annual Conference, you are able to meet with students from other schools, share ideas about your profession, and learn about your professional organization.  You are also able to learn about the latest legislative issues and participate in team building activities.

What exactly is my professional organization?  If you have questions about your professional organization bring your questions as there will be a representative in attendance to answer your questions. Your professional organization is basically the voice of dental hygiene.  This organization supports and protects the profession of dental hygiene.  It provides you with many benefits including legislative support and the ability to meet with and talk to other dental hygienists.   Also provides reduced car and medical insurance. Professional liability insurance is also available.

Tips for having a great time at the Annual Conference:

-Plan on arriving Thursday night and staying through mid-day Saturday. There are many activities planned for you and your participation is expected!

-Breakfast is provided in the hotel each morning.

-Bring snacks and drinks as there are refrigerators in each room.

-Make sure that your attire is appropriate.

This is one of your first professional meetings so you will want make a professional impression.  Clothing that is considered appropriate would be business suits, dresses, and slacks or skirts with blouses.  Casual capri pants or jeans are discouraged.  Room temperatures do fluctuate but tend to stay on the cool side, so you may want to bring a jacket.

Tips for SAFE SCADHA Meeting

When we are busy with meetings and social events, it is easy to lose sight of those simple and routine precautionary practices that will help keep all attendees safe and happy.  As a brief reminder, please take a moment to review those basic tips. 

The One-Minute Check – Please spend one extra minute before you leave your hotel room to make sure important papers and other valuables are secured.  Then, make a quick mental inventory of keys, key cards, wallet and purse to ensure that you have everything you need.

The “Buddy System” – When you leave an evening event, try to use the “Buddy System” – even if it means waiting a few minutes for a friend.  Please establish an informal system for looking out for one another.

Crowded Public Places – Make sure your wallet is in a zipped pocket or another safe place.  Keep purses shut tight.  When going through revolving doors, hold purses and packages in your left hand if possible, to keep a thief from grabbing your things from behind.  For security reasons, do not wear your TDHA name badge outside official TDHA events.

Watch your Cash and Credit Cards – Try not to carry more cash or credit cards than you need.  Don’t leave your purse on a restaurant floor or store counter and walk away.  Remember to retrieve your credit card from clerks and waiters.

Everything in Moderation – This is a meeting and we want to have fun but let’s remember that alcohol can impair a person’s judgment and behavior.

Hotel Security – TDHA has been assured that hotel security is on duty 24 hours a day and well aware of the fact that our group is meeting.  If you have any concerns, whatsoever, do not hesitate to pick up a house phone and contact hotel security.

Code of Ethics – Please remember you are a representative of your school as well as YOUR PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION!


Contact Information

  • Email: info@texasdha.org
    Phone: 512-220-7800