ASCA Legislative Day 2018

Arlington, Virginia
Tuesday, September 04, 2018

These states will be represented on Sept. 4-5. Will yours?

The ASCA intends on meeting with senators from all 50 states, however the conversations are much more impactful if somebody who can vote for them is in the room with us. We encourage representation from all states to ensure successful meetings.

About ASCA Legislative Day

The political landscape is ever changing, and our collective voice needs to be part of that change. Legislative Day on the hill is an opportunity to for snow industry professionals to have their voices heard, increase their knowledge about the legislative issues that affect you, and directly participate in the legislative process.

It is our responsibility to educate our elected representatives on the issues that face us as individuals and business professionals.

The ASCA’s annual fly-in to Washington D.C. has created awareness with our elected representatives on the issues that the snow and ice management industry faces. Prior to our first fly-in, our elected representatives were completely unaware of that we as an industry were fighting an uphill battle against frivolous lawsuits. So unaware, in fact, that one representative even posed the question, by saying, “wait a minute, you mean to tell people in the United States are suing for falling on snow and ice?”

They were unaware of these issue because we as an industry never told them. So as much as we opine on our governments successes and failures, it is on us as an industry to make them aware.

As a good friend often says, “you can complain as much as you want, as long as you participate.”

This year we will be focusing on the passage of the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act, Senate Bill 237. This Bill is aimed at reducing frivolous lawsuits. The Bill passed the House this spring and needs to get through the Senate.

Join us in Washington D.C. for this critically important event. The ASCA will have leaders in every meeting to carry the load. We need you to attend.

Once Elected, our Representatives have two jobs. First, to represent the people that elected them Second, to get re-elected. The get re-elected by meeting with and listening to their constituents. So as powerful as meetings will be with ASCA representatives. They are more powerful when someone from their district is present in the meeting. So if you want your message to really heard by your Senator, we encourage you to attend Legislative Dy on the Hill.

ASCA Day on the Hill group in 2017. 

The Legislative Day on the Hill event is free and includes legislative briefings, an address by a key-note speaker, visits to Congressional offices, as well as dinners, receptions, and networking opportunities. There is no registration fee to attend this event.  Attendees are responsible for their own travel and dinner expenses.


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