Advanced Restorative Justice Practices

Seattle, Washington
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Sound Support Presents
Advanced Restorative Justice Practices
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Restorative Justice is an approach to wrong doing and harmful behavior that aims to both prevent wrong doing at all levels and intervene in offending behavior. Restorative practices help to build community, celebrate accomplishments, transform conflict, rebuild relationships that have been harmed, and reintegrate students who have been suspended or expelled.

Restorative Justice is focused on the belief that those individuals causing harm can work together with those affected by the harm to repair it and that this collaboration leads to true accountability. 

A restorative approach brings awareness that misconduct is part of the developmental process of every young person and that responses to misconduct using punishment can actually increase the likelihood that the misbehavior will re-occur.

Restorative Justice emphasizes: 
  • Identifying the harm,
  • Involving all stakeholders
  • True accountability— repairing the harm and addressing its causes. 


Contact Information

  • Event Manager Jean Charette - 917-846-7880

Payment Instructions

  • Workshop: $175.00 Per Attendee
    We accept Credit Cards 
    Six Clock Hours Offered
    Light Breakfast and Lunch Provided
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