EDUC 58074 21st Century Workforce Readiness, Fall '11

Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

EDUC 58074 21st Century Workforce Readiness, Fall '11

Distance Education-Alaska Pacific University
3 Credits - Graded Pass/No Pass
Self-paced, start anytime after October 1
Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

Course Description

This 21st Century Workforce Readiness online course integrates digital literacy, civic engagement through community service, and broadband entrepreneurship, with careful attention to the unique needs and interests of all participants. This unique course is suitable for educators teaching at all levels; elementary, middle school, high school, alternative high school, and programs for youth “not in school.” Growing an entrepreneurial culture, starting in primary grades, is necessary for the fundamental cultural shift that new broadband in Alaskan villages and communities enables.

Using Web 2.0 social media tools in a mastery learning format, career explorations and resources will be presented with emphasis on emerging broadband-enabled Internet employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. This course introduces financial, business, media, information, and entrepreneurship literacies with links to extensive resources by grade level.

Each lesson is presented in two parts; (concepts and skill-builder activities) with the opportunity for the participating educator (and/or students) to customize each lesson for ongoing local use. The lessons in this course provide components designed to be “student ready” for student-driven service learning activities utilizing short hands-on skill-builder modules suitable for community workshops lead by educators, students, and/or interested citizens. Examples include student-created online electronic resumes to showcase web media products students have created themselves, such as free ecommerce websites for local artists and businesses, “show and tell” video captures to share new skills, and more.

This course is designed to support innovations related directly to over $180 million in new rural broadband infrastructure in Alaska including developing 21st Century workforce readiness skills and behaviors for growing an entrepreneurial culture.

The target audience is Alaskan K12 educators. This self-paced online course is presented in a mastery learning format with instructor support for questions of any nature.

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