EDUC 58073 Social Media for Educators, Fall '11

Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

EDUC 58073 Social Media for Educators, Fall '11

Distance Education-Alaska Pacific University
3 Credits - Graded Pass/No Pass
Self-paced, start anytime after October1
Registrants have a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year to complete the course.

Course Description

A practical hands-on introduction to purposeful educational applications related to the booming social media phenomenon. Participants will learn by doing, as we explore key tools and trends, including cultural expression and village sustainability, and smarter info-diets as the basis for 21st Century Alaskan lifestyles. Participants will explore the digital counterparts for character education, civic engagement, service learning, entrepreneurship, and effective communication using many new media tools. 

Mobile devices, mobile learning, and mobile commerce are impacting both educators and students in this era of accelerating change. With social media rapidly evolving to serve as our “personal learning networks,” managing information overload via effective online collaboration is becoming increasingly essential. An emphasis will be on teaching how educators and youth can develop their ability to collaborate, think, and act, with innovative imagination.

This course is designed to support innovations related directly to over $180 million in new rural broadband infrastructure in Alaska including developing 21st Century workforce readiness skills and behaviors for growing an entrepreneurial culture.

The target audience is Alaskan K12 educators. This self-paced online course is presented in a mastery learning format with instructor support for questions of any nature.


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  • Phone: 907-364-3809

    Scholarships from Alaska's Learning Network for the first 20 enrolled!  Call or email for details.

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  • Tuition:  $395
    Technology Fee:  $25

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