The Art of Managing a Tech Support Center - A 2 day hands-on workshop presented by Bill Rose

The Art of Managing a Tech Support Center - A 2 day hands-on workshop presented by Bill Rose

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Workshop Summary
There are few positions that are more challenging than managing a tech support center.  It can be a maddening situation to deliver technology services to customers that are internal or external.  In most cases, people who have responsibility for managing these support centers & help desks have never received any specialized training in the fine "art" of service management.  Yes, it is an "art" to effectively manage one of the most vital parts of any business....customers!

This 2 day, hands-on workshop covers all of the elements necessary to manage tech support and stay sane in the process. Your instructor is Bill Rose, a seasoned veteran of the tech support battles who will share his insight and experience over a 40 year career in the middle of managing tech support.

Who Should Attend?
VP's, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leads who have responsibility for technology services for either internal or external customers

The Art of Managing a Tech Support Center

A 2-day hands-on workshop presented by Bill Rose


Day 1
Defining the lifecycle of a service request from front end to back end
·      Modes of case creation; Phone, email & web – What’s the difference?
·      Understanding tiered support models
·      The importance of call logging and queuing
·      Backlogged issues – Why we have them and how we deal with them
·      Status reporting for open issues

Metrics & Measurements that matter for a tech support operation
·      What we need to measure to drive the tech support engine
·      Reporting & feedback delivery
·      Dashboards that keep us informed
·      Dealing with data – what does all this mean?
·      Upper management reporting
Focusing on Response & Resolve Times to deliver the best service ever
·      The 3 biggest factors in customer sat
·      Definition of Response time
·      The importance of resolve time
·      Understanding the Resolution Management Index
·      Improving CSAT by pushing the right buttons
Unraveling the mysteries of service technologies such as, CRM, KB, ACD, CTI, IVR, and SBR to improve overall effectiveness
·      What do all of these acronyms mean?
·      What is service automation and how can it improve efficiencies
·      This sounds very expensive – How much does this stuff cost?
·      How do I choose the best service technology products?
·      What are the best places to find new technologies for tech support
Self Service Success Factors that customers will love
·      Define self service and why is it so important
·      Transitioning customers to the web
·      Measuring your online service effectiveness
·      What are the best in class doing to service customers online?
·      The true benefits to customer self service
Herding Cats: The challenges in managing service people
·      The greatest challenge will come from
·      What makes a great tech support rep?
·      Recruiting, hiring, training and retaining top talent
·      Career planning for your people
·      Understanding informal leaders and their affect on your success
Understanding the True Value of Customer Satisfaction vs. Loyalty vs. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
·      CSAT – How we measure it and what it means to your success
·      Are customers really loyal?
·      Understanding NPS and applying it to services
·      Measuring customer “sentiment” as a key indicator of success
·      Dealing with dissatisfied customers
Day 2

Taking charge of your career in technology services management
·      Career planning for yourself
·      The value in establishing “mentors”
·      Taking responsibility for your own future
·      Why don’t we have Chief Services Officers?
·      What do great leaders have in common?
How to be effective when dealing with different departments outside of service, such as, sales, product development, and training
·      The value of building relationships outside of services
·      Selling the service story to sales
·      Getting what you need from product development
·      Gaining respect for tech support
·      Developing a PR plan for support
Understanding the impact of Social Media & Cloud computing to the service delivery model
·      Social Media success stories
·      The value of social media to your company
·      Cloud, SaaS, and managed services – What’s the difference?
·      On premise vs Cloud computing – How does service change
·      Service revenues and Cloud delivery models
Understanding the business value of tech support to your company
·      How big is the business of tech support?
·      What value do services bring to product companies?
·      How do we make money in tech support?
·      How does the maintenance agreement work?
·      What is the importance of CSAT to revenue generation?
What are Value Added Services and how can you develop them
·      Not upselling or cross-selling
·      Adding value to services protects revenues
·      New & exciting services we never delivered before
·      Product packaging for services
·      Selling services is essential
What is the Future of Tech Support and how can you prepare for it?
·      Where are we headed in the next 5 years?
·      Will there be a need for tech support in the next 10 years?
·      Establishing personal career goals
·      Getting wired in the industry
·      Setting your course for the future

·      Everything you need to know to manage a tech support center
·      Jam packed with industry benchmark data and best practices
·      Develop peer-to-peer relationships with local counterparts that last a lifetime
·      Create a roadmap to get your service management career on the fast track
·      Real examples of real companies with real service problems & how they solved them
·      Understand the biggest issues in tech support today

Learn the goldmines and landmines of the services business from an experienced industry leader!

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