CEO Health Care Summit hosted by Virginia Mason

Thank you for your interest in the CEO Health Care Summit hosted by Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Business as usual cannot solve today’s health care issues. Cost trends are unsustainable. Employees and their employers, insurers and medical professionals face a looming crisis. On the positive side, we know how to mitigate the problems.  

Large employers like Intel, Boeing and Microsoft are improving patient satisfaction, providing care more quickly and becoming cost-effective, all while realizing better medical outcomes. 

At the conference, learn how these innovative organizations have collaborated with Virginia Mason Medical Center to ‘crack the code’ and substantially lower health care costs by following the same processes they use to assure quality and efficiency in the other goods and services they purchase.

In each case, success began with an executive decision to address the issue, and was achieved by using purchasing power and negotiation to improve the performance of medical providers and insurance plans. We’ll show you how this was achieved and get you started on the path to transforming health care in your organization.

We are hosting three events across the country. Please select the location of the meeting most convenient for you:
New York, NY January 5-6, 2012             Event Complete
San Francisco, CA January 26-27, 2012         Event Complete
Seattle, WA May 7- 8, 2012 

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