Energy Policy Summit 2012

Madison, WI
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Energy Policy Summit 2012
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (Central Time)

Pyle Center, UW-Madison Campus
702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703

Map and Directions

From the 2012 Summit
If you or your business want to BUILD, BUY, or BE part of Wisconsin's renewable energy future, this is a conversation you want to be engaged in.  The old energy paradigm is far too costly to continue propping up, and we must take the initiative NOW.  Our goal is to shape WI policy, regulation, and businesses into the kind of energy industry we want to be connected to.  

We're close to the limit of participants we can have in the space provided - register TODAY!

YOUR VOICE is needed as we build the road map in the BREAKOUT GROUPS listed below.  This summit will be highly participative so bring your thinking caps and drive to take back the initiative.

Breakout Groups, Morning

Expanding Market Access
1A - Authorizing Renewable Energy Sales from Third Parties to Host Customers
1B -
Aggregating RECs from Local Installations
Economics of RE Production
2A - The Renewable Energy Incentives Puzzle
2B - Press for Advanced Renewable Tariffs
Breakout Groups, Afternoon
Regulatory Environment for RE

3A - Uniform Wind Permitting Rules and PSC 128
3B - Improved Net Energy Billing Policy

Toward Community Energy
4A - Community-Owned Energy Generation and Distribution
4B - Repairing Wisconsin’s RPS to Benefit Local Renewables

2012 Summit Outcomes
We will emerge from the Summit with a road map for the year 2012, in terms of policy and market innovation.  RENEW will commit to facilitating the continuation of this road map throughout the year, in concert with the Renewable community and our members.

Registrations for the 2012 Summit*
Name, Company
Ahl, Douglas - Energy Center of Wisconsin
Allen, Michael - Energy Law Wisconsin
Alsburg, Chuck - NA Hydro
Anderegg, Barb - Madison Area Technical College
Anthony, Jeffrey - American Wind Energy Association
Backus, John - St. Croix Valley Sustainability Solutions
Bahr, John - Wauwatosa Energy Committee
Bannen, Rich - Prairie Solar Power & Light
Benforado, David - Municipal Electric Utilities of WI
Blecker, David - Self - employed
Bloch, Oscar - Self - employed
Blume, Ed - RENEW Wisconsin
Boardman, Charles - USDA Forest Service
Brasch, Alex - RENEW Wisconsin
Brauneller, Caleb - City of Madison
Bromley, Matt - Customers First! Coalition
Brown, Patrick - PanelClaw
Brucker, Brent - Helios Solar Works
Chappell, Caroline - BIOFerm Energy Systems
Christensen, Walt - Jefferson County Board
Content, Tom - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Cook, Tyson - Clean Wisconsin
Cornacchia, Keith - Orchid Monroe, LLC
Cullen, Lee - Cullen, Weston, Pines & Bach
Dane, Andrew - SEH Inc.
Deisinger, Chris - Energy Foundation
DePillis, Alex - WES Engineering, Inc.
Domagalski, Angie - Helios Solar Works
Donohue, Rich - UW-Madison Geography
Donovan, David - Xcel Energy
Donovan, Trang - Unlimited Renewable Energies
Drapac, Dave - Seventh Generation Systems Integration
Dvorak, Steve - DVO, Inc.
Erwin, Deborah - Public Service Commission
Faller, Maureen - Kettle View Renewable Energy
Faller, Randy - Kettle View Renewable Energy
Faulkner, Ellen - Ayres Associates
Ferber, Don - Sierra Club
Feyerherm, Jennifer - Sierra Club - Midwest Office
Flaherty, Beth - Renewegy
Flesch, Pete - Crawford County
Fortin, Guy - Lake Michigan Wind & Sun
Franklin, Nathan - Dairyland Power Cooperative
Fritsch, Gregory - Clean Energy North America, LLC
Funk, Jim - Energize, LLC
Gackle, Josh - Wind on the Wires
Gander, Calvin - Earth Ministry
Gassman, Janet - WMEP
Gibbs, Michelle - Lakeshore Technical College
Giovanelli, Matt - Werner Electric
Glustrom, Leslie - Clean Energy Action
Gruder, Sherrie - UW - Extension
Gumtow, Jon - Stantec
Hackner, Rich - GDS Associates
Hardenburger, Charles - FABCO
Harkins, Ryan - Synergy Renewable Systems
Hasselman, Rich - GDS Associates, Inc.
Hastings, Michael - Half Moon Power
Heart, Amy - City of Milwaukee
Heinzen, Jenny - Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Henes, Richard - Werner Electric Supply
Higley, Charlie - Charlie Higley
Hippensteel, John - Lake Michigan Wind & Sun
Hutter, Kurt - H&H Solar
Hylla, Nick - MREA
Janke, Greg - Pieper Electric
Johnson, Steve - Convergence Energy LLC
Katcha, Jason - Self - employed
Kexel, Duane - Duane T. Kexel Consulting, LLC
Kietrys, Chris - L&S Electric, Inc.
Kivlin, John - Helios Solar Works
Knuti, David - Madison Peak Oil Group
Knutson, Jeff - A - A
Korda, Nancy - Self
Kramer, Joe - Energy Center of Wisconsin
Krom, Larry - L & S Technical Associates
Kunkle, Chris - Cullen Weston Pines & Bach
Laffin, Shelly - L & S Technical Associates
Lehner, Kevin - ECSI Assurance
Leinberger, Alicia - Seventh Generation Energy Systems
Leinberger, Jess - Crawford County
Lindsey, Doug - Lakeshore Technical College
Lyndon, Mark - Artisan Energy
Manney, David - L&S Electric, Inc.
Mattek, John - SUNvest Solar
Meier, Stephen - Orchid Monroe, LLC
Merklein, Chris - Arch Electric
Mielke, April - City of Neenah
Moroder, Bryant - Sustainable Resource Group
Naylor, Brandon - Unlimited Renewable Energies
Neil, William - LPL Financial
Nekola, Katie - Clean Wisconsin
Nichols, Nick - County of La Crosse
Niesen, Scott - WaterFurnace Renewable Energy
Noeldner, Hans - Self - employed
Nowakowski, Tom - WDNR
Olsen, Andy - ELPC
Owen, Robert - Cons. Engr. & Meteorologist
Palla, Linda - Bee Grun
Pawlisch, Curt - Cullen Weston Pines & Bach
Peterman, Katie - Organic Valley
Petith, Ted - Greenlinks Projects LLC
Pickrell, Bill - NA Hydro
Rein, Alex - Sun Power
Reinbold, Jonathan - Organic Valley
Reinhold, Kurt - Solar Connections, LLC
Ritger, Edward - Ritger Law Office
Resoenlund, Alarik - Midwest Solar Power
Sagrillo, Mick - Sagrillo Power & Light
Samida, Judy - Lake Michigan Wind & Sun
Schroeder, Wes - Self - employed
Schulz, Al - SafeWork
Siegrist, Carl - Carl Siegrist Consulting
Sim, Murray - Clean Energy North America, LLC
Singletary, Corey - Public Service Commission
Slaymaker, Wes - WES Engineering
Sletten, Steve - Atkins Global
Stingle, Doug - MREA
Stocking, Michael - Seventh Generation Energy Systems
Stolzenburg, Josh - North Wind Renewable Energy, LLC
Stone, George - Milwaukee Area Technical College
Sumi, John - Madison Gas & Electric Co
Taglia, Peter - Energy and Environmental Consulting
Taivalkoski, Amy - ALT Energy
Taylor, Chris - State Representative
Timmerman, Todd - Timmerman's Talents LLC
Turonie, Lee - Wisconsin Towns Association
VanOrnum, Melissa - DVO, Inc.
Vercauteren, Jeff - Cullen, Weston, Pines & Bach
Vickerman, Michael - RENEW Wisconsin
Walker, Larry - Walker Energy Systems LLC
Walter, Ray - Arch Electric
Walter, Katy - Clean Wisconsin
Walz, Ken - Madison College
Ward, Elizabeth - Sierra Club (WI)
Warnick, Mark - Full Spectrum Solar
Weier, Robert - ELEXCO Inc.
Werner, Shahla - Shahla Werner / Sierra Club
Wichert, Don - RENEW
Wilson, John - Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Wolter, Niels - Madison Solar Consultin
Wright, Angie - Southwest Badger RC&D Council
Wright, Cecil - Organic Valley
Yockey, Jim - Seventh Generation Systems Integration
Young, John - Resource Solar
Zahniser, Julie - Clean Energy Action
Zinthefer, Ed - Arch Electric


Contact Information

  • RENEW Wisconsin
    222 S. Hamilton St.
    Madison, WI 53703

Payment Instructions

  • Send check or purchase order to:
    RENEW Wisconsin
    222 S. Hamilton St.
    Madison, WI 53703

    Sponsors for 2012 Summit
    RENEW appreciates the support of our sponsors. 
    Please let them know that you do too.
    Champion - $1000
    Up to four admissions, Logo and name on all event materials, special recognition at lunch.
    Advocate - $500
    Two admissions, Logo and name on all event materials. Special recognition at registration table.
    Leader - $250
    One admission, logo and name on all event materials.  Special recognition at morning coffee break.

    Champion Sponsors

    Advocate Sponsors

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